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13615 Colgate Way

Silver Spring, MD 20904



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eudofa1 • Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU WANT GOOD CREDIT!!! I lived here for about three months and it was the nightmare of all nightmares. I complained so much they let me move out without paying a fee because they knew they were wrong!! Dirty, unprofessional, bugs, unsecure entries, noisy, you name it they have it. I dont even care to get into that. My main gripe with Aventine Silver Spring is their sheer stupidity. I moved out and someone else "took over my lease" but not really because they do nt allow subletting. My husband and I paid for everthing to get NOTARIZED (as is their policy) to remove ourselves from the lease. Apparently these fools never took us off the lease and the people that leased after us moved out witha balanace on their account! So these idiot are reporting this ON MY CREDIT!!!!! Now, when I am trying to rent another apartment I cannot get approved anywhere because of this on my credit. Ive called and emailed SEVERAL TIMES! they know exactly who I am but this godd for nothing, incompetent, rude thing called a Manager (LaTashia, who yes is just as ------ as her name) now refuses to answer my calls or respond to m emails. They had the nerves to ask me for my records. Even though I have them and gladly turned them over... when did record keeping become my responsibility? hmmm... isnt that their job?! Looks like someone needs to be audited! Yes, i am getting a lawyer, and reporting them to the IRS! DAMN FOOLS!
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