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13615 Colgate Way

Silver Spring, MD 20904



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ChaseRidgeBlues • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
I am going on my 10th month and will definitely NOT be renewing. From day 1 when they lost my security deposit, I should have known that there was something wrong with Chase Ridge. <br><br>Although the young lady that I dealt with was friendly, she was not very pro-active when she demanded that I rewrite my deposit on the spot instead of research where my initial deposit went to.<br><br>Not only did I have old appliances awaiting me when I moved in, they failed to supply me with a working key to the main door to enter my building and took an additional 2 hours to "find" me one that I had to make a copy of myself and return that night.<br><br>I have yet to experience the friendly maintenance staff as they are too busy with flirting with the tenants when they enter your apartment for the numerous maintenance issues that they seem to have at my apartment. I am currently still standing in 1.5 inches of water in my bathroom - after 2 full weeks - because my toilet leaks and everytime they "fix" the problem, I come home from work with the same water that I left there with...and some. My carpet is starting to smell from the water that is mildewing. The only response that I get from the Leasing Office is a notice that my rent is late...which I am not paying until I can take a shower in my own bathroom that I am paying $1000 per month for. Am I wrong?<br><br>Overall, Chase Ridge is in a nice neighborhood, but unfortunately, one bad apple HAS spoiled the bunch.
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