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Aston Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
As the Assistant Property Manager, (yes the one who evidently "has a BIG mouth with very little / or no brains"), who has been here since May 2005, allow me to clear the air.<br><br>First, Aston Woods Apartments has undergone a recent change in ownership and without going into details, the new owners/managers have great thins planned/in store for the property as well as the residents. As with all change, it it going to take a little time to work out the kinks, but the Office Staff has been doing our diligent best to keep our residents up-to-date on any and all changes that are and will be taking place.<br><br>Secondly, as life does happen to hand us bumps every now and again, I have personally spoken with several of my residents asking them to provide me with suggestions/information on what they are having issues with or would like to see change/improve. I can say that most of my residents have been very responsive to this request and are aware that constant and consistent interaction with the Business Office is one way to ensure that positive change can and will take place.<br><br>Since my 1st day here, I've made it my business to make myself accessible to the residents that I am here to serve. That is something that will continue as long as I am here. If any resident, at any time, has an issue that they feel is not being handled to their liking, they are free to come to the Business Office and speak to either the Property Manager or myself. At the same time, failure to inform us of any issues one may be having means that that issue cannot be resolved/taken care of and can lead to negative feelings on the part of our residents.<br><br>I personally invite any and all interested parties to visit Aston Woods Apartments. Allow our new staff and our new Management Company to show you how residents are SUPPOSED to be treated. As I've stated before, I strive to ensure that my residents - and if you live here, you are "MY" resident - are taken care of.<br><br>Additionally, I personally invite any of my current residents who are reading this, to come into the office and speak with either the Property Manager or myself, if they should EVER have an issue/problem with anything that is taking place here at Aston Woods.<br><br>I thank you all for your time and attention in this. <br><br><br>Kim R.<br>Assistant Manager
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Aston Woods

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