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Avery Park Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
Yeah... because someone did get shot... a couple of weeks ago... in broad daylight. If you want to live here, here is some advice:<br><br>1. Join a gang and learn to run the gauntlet. This will be an everyday ritual if you wish to enter your apartment.<br><br>2. Learn to live with permanently-installed earplugs.<br><br>3. Plan on buying a little extra food for your live-in pets, Stu and Snaps, the friendly roaches.<br><br>4. Honestly... #4 is the most important... bring a lawyer, who has a video camera, to each and every meeting you have with management. They will outright, in your face, lie to you. This is no joke... it is solely a money making operation.<br><br>5. Oddly enough... this place only comes with one lock on the door. To your initial move-in costs, you should add $29.99 for a deadbolt and $61.33 for installation.<br><br>6. Get to know your neighbors soon and let them know that you can hear everything they say and do and smell all that they cook and emit.<br><br>7. Ok... there is a little humor in the above advice, but seriously... security is not a priority here and you will certainly not feel safe. I suggest driving the parking lot during the evenings, especially on the weekends.<br><br><br>
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Avery Park Apartment Homes

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