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Claridge House Apartments

2445 Lyttonsville Road

Silver Spring, MD 20910



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2005
I was interested in this complex and filed an application. What appealed to me is that the studio rent didn't seem THAT outrageous for the area, parking is free, the company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and the public areas appeared to be clean and kept up well. <br>This rental office was a pain to deal with. First, there was a delay in my getting pay stubs to show them because our company had just converted to database-only pay records, my password didn't work in the system, and, long story short, it was going to take about a week for me to get re-cleared to get in. Despite all the good other documentation I provided from federal sources about my income (which is close to six figures), and my offer to have all this verified with my job's HR dept., this rental office kept me dangling for over a week, giving me different answers on different days as to whether I was accepted. Second, they misled me as to when the apartment would be ready. I changed my move-in date twice because of this, but when they called me at work six days before the mutually-agreed-upon date, and told me "It's ready, you need to come over right now and take possession," (thereby paying rent on two places as well), that was the last straw. They are personable, but either they are disorganized, don't care, or both.<br>Do not put up with this type of treatment--I didn't. I'm out the application fee, but at least I found out what I would be dealing with. <br>Also, if you plan to use public transportation, this complex is not walking distance to the Metro, and it is about a half-mile to the main bus line. There is a small local bus service that goes by the building, but it stops running in the early evening.
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Claridge House Apartments

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