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Goodacre and Pine Ridge Apartments

8617 Piney Branch Road

Silver Spring, MD 20901



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SeymoreButts • Resident 1993 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
I have lived at Goodacre Apartments for over 15 years. Honestly it is HORRIBLE. Throughout my years there we have had various managers, but this manager by far is the WORSE MANAGER in the World. When she gets the inspectors to come to "inspect" the apartments for "roaches" or "mice"/"rats" she makes sure they don't know of the above. The painters don't paint like they should. The MANAGER is never in her office, she's always at LUNCH. I know that you are reading this and wondering, why don't you move? Unfortunately I don't live alone, and my parents do want to leave. There are rats outside the complex and mice inside the walls in every building. If not all, many of the apartments have roaches like an April Shower. Do you remember seeing that movie called JOE's Apartment? Yeah, that's Goodacre Apartments. Parking....forget it!. Can I tell you -------- people dominate this complex. Starting rent for a two bedroom is about $1200.00. The people aren't really bad, just the Management, she honestly needs to get fired and someone else needs to come and take her position. She takes her time in sending someone to do repairs in the apartment. If you are her "friend" she will send someone 10 -15 minutes after you call the rental office. the laundry facilites are known for a place to find people having sex. the machines don't work and steal your coins. The dryers don't dry. There used to be a lot of gang issues there MS 13 used to be around there. This complex has a STate Trooper living in the complex, but he doesn't do much, b/c he works the night shift and sleeps during the day. He is supposed to be there to "protect" the community but it doesn't happen. One apartment was known to have prostitues and was used for prostitution. The manager really sugar coats herself and the complex. HOwever, DON'T move in here..You will be SORRY. oh yeah, one more thing when people party.....THEY PARTY HARD. The next day the trash cans are so full of trash that people put trash on the parking spaces. Oh yeah, to get your deposit back you have to leave the apartment IMMACULATE. not the way that you get it, with broken/no screens for the windows, mold in your bathroom, lead in the paint and various other issues..including the roaches and mice. ok. this is the last thing. A long time ago, a rat killed a girl in the complex. so yeah, think TWICE before you even THINK of coming near here! DON'T THINK THAT PINE RIDGE IS ANY DIFFERENT, THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is that there is a different manager. that's it.....i wish i could give you my email address but I can't.
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Goodacre and Pine Ridge Apartments

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