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Montclair Apartments

3525 Sheffield Manor Terrace

Silver Spring, MD 20904



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
The apartments are very lovely to look at; the walls are painted off-white with white trim, new carpeting, and new appliances in the kitchen. Management has been fairly attentive to our needs (see below).<br> We moved in to our first Montclair apartment late last February, and the very next morning we had a leaking sewer pipe in one of the bathrooms (which was the one with no functional ventilation fan). Management acknowledged the problem and sent maintenance promptly, which over the course of a week consisted of making a larger and larger hole in the wall - this is one full calendar week of raw sewage leaking out of the wall and leaving a small lake of poo water on the floor. The smell was horrible - our roommate moved his bed into the living room and kept the door to his room shut for that week because the smell was intolerable. Finally (at the end of the aforementioned week) we were told that they would be moving us to another apartment; they thankfully paid for the professional moving company.<br> In the new apartment, the only trouble has been a clogged drainage pipe in the AC unit (which made the carpet in my bedroom closet wet - maintenance lent us a loud cage blower fan for the weekend to dry it out) and the clogging garbage disposal (which was roommate error, and fixed promptly by maintenance). However, we have had garbage outside one bedroom window (we are on the ground floor) for 7 months - one package of raw shrimp and 3 Duraflame logs - never picked up by groundskeepers or maintenance despite repeated requests. We even watched a groundskeeper kick the rancid shrimp out of his way to continue weed whacking around the building.<br> We had a family move in above us about 6 months ago. Their children should be able to run around the apartment acting crazy and not sound like screaming banshee linebackers to us below due to poor building construction and lack of insulation.<br> Just at the end of this January, management issued parking passes, so now any guests have to park on the street or risk being towed from the lot. I also cannot park my second vehicle in the lot, since we were allowed only one permit per person (which are non-transferable clingy window stickers).<br> You can find a better place to live in this area.
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Montclair Apartments

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