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Oak Hill Apartments



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Mr.Niubility • Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2012
When I moved to MD last year for my first job after my graduate degree, I spent a day driving around White Oak/Silver Spring to check out places. This one was recommended by some of my future co-workers and it was honestly the most inexpensive one I checked ( I only checked places w/ recommendation rate over 50% from at least 10 reviews). Utility was included in the rent and all you need to take care of is the TV/phone/Internet. I lived in a ground floor 1b1b unit for a year and the experience was great. Upon moving in, the apt was cleaned pretty well and most of the appliances in my unit were recent purchased (manufactured in 09-10). I did have a few problems here and there, i.e. the carpet was inappropriately wet cleaned, so the floor underneath was saturated and then formed bumps in some areas. But whenever I called about such issues, the maintenance crew (normally Alex) came down within a day or two and have most of the stuff fixed to a satisfactory conditions. I was kinda cautious about the moving-in conditions as I don't want to get burnt when moving out, but almost all of my repair requests got response and taken care of which makes believe that the management indeed tried to keep this community nice. The surrounding area is not a nice looking one, but thanks to the management, this complex feels like an oasis in the rough desert. Check out the crimereports.com, and you'll see Lockwood Dr outside as well as some of the neighboring apartments have a lot of police reports (nothing violent thank god, all thefts, burglaries etc), but it was always blank (meaning no reports whatsoever) in this apartment complex. Some of the maintenance and management crew even live in the complex and they were very responsive to emergency conditions. During the snow storm in 2010, maintenance guys were plowing snow at 10pm. Also, management and maintenance crew have always been courteous and patient to me, and my repair requests. They took notes when some damage was caused by their fault or public emergency so tenant should not be responsible while moving out. Neighbors are generally nice and hard working people, you might find a lot of latino, African and Asian living in this complex, so very diverse culturally. But again, most of those people are hard working people, and they earn honest living and do not bother you. My only complaint is due to the fact of being on ground floor, also this is an aging place, the noise isolation was not great. Unfortunately neighbor above me have young kids who really loved to run around from time to time, but other than those I felt OK down there. Also the sewage got clogged once and dirty water backed up one time, but it was taken care of in a day. I never had any mice problem, but I did see roach maybe one or two times, and some spiders, but it was a ground floor facing the lawn, so I had reasonable expectation. Btw, the request of not storing stuff on balcony was honest and reasonable in my opinion, and you could request a storage bin in your building for extra storage for free. The tidy balconies and stuff make the community look better and cleaner, and generating better impression for potential tenants. You'll face much more rigorous requests from HOA once you own a property, because all those appearance stuff influence the property value for entire community as a whole, so it's not just your own business. Parking is not permit type so it can gets full in the lot right outside your door step if you come home too late, but you can always find a spot maybe a level up. In the end I had to move because of wife's job location, the move out was painless, one month advance notice, and a thorough clean up, and I got every penny of my deposit back in less than a week. Everything was handled professionally. The only minor complaint is even I moved out 4-5 days ahead of my move-out date on the notice, they still charged some extra rent for those days. Guess that's the bad part about "it's all business" : ) In general, if you need to live in White Oak for specific reason, you might not find anything better than this place in terms of cost efficiency and quality/safety. Convenient access to grocery/pharmacy/dining (Giant/Walgreens and diners in the White Oak shopping center), easy access to public transportation to DC/Silver Spring even Rockville.
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