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Peppertree Farm Apartments

14120 Weeping Willow Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20906



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Office Staff
bfield • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
My husband and I moved into this apartment community from Barclay Square apartments three weeks after I had a C-section for my son. <br><br>I really have no complaints. We've been here for 18 months now. The place has been safe, we go for walks EVERY evening - there's a lovely little park nearby as well as an elementary school. The neighborhood just beyond the park is lovely and safe for walking late in the evenings. <br><br>I enjoy seeing the kids play outside (although a few of the tenants could stand to slow down in the parking lot). We have friendly neighbors (at least three regulars) in the building who always say hello. The mailman knows me personally even though I live on the top floor. We have people come by every day to sweep the grounds and remove trash (which is great!) <br><br>We have had problems, but after 6 years of apartment living, it's really not that much different than other moderately priced apartment housing here in the DC area. Sure the prices are inflated, but that's because it's DC. In other parts of the country, I would expect a place like this to rent for about 600-800. <br><br>We have had roaches, and we're slowly but surely taking care of that through determination. They do have bug people come in from time to time. I really don't like the office staff, however. While they are generally helpful - it seems minimally so (at least not the low level ones - there are some sweet and accomodating people in that office). Most of them are just... strange - they seem unfriendly and aloof. <br><br>Our ceiling leaked once - but they fixed the problem immediately. They are slow about maintenence requests, but what apartment complex isn't? We live on the top floor, and we have no complaints. Our experiences here have all been positive.
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Peppertree Farm Apartments

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