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Strathmore House Apartments



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Office Staff
Spid • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/23/2007
I am going to address the 8 items for which I needed to rate on a 1-5 scale individually. Parking, Noise, Grounds, Safety, Construction, Maintenance, Staff, and Overall Beginning with parking, they assign you one parking space, and if you have more than one car, you are screwed. Additionally, the lot is full at night, including all the visitor spots, and I have been towed twice now. My first experience with getting towed was because I did not have a parking pass. They would not give me one until I had my plates changed to MD, and the temporary pass they gave me lapsed. The second time was because they claim I was taking up two spots, although I was parking in a parallel spot, with less than 1 foot of space from the person in front of me. In other words, for the second time at least, they towed me for no good reason. As far as the noise concern goes, the floors and ceilings are paper thin. They expect you to put your own carpeting across something like 80% of the apartment, because whenever you take a step the floor creaks and the person below you can hear every step you take. I constantly hear my neighbor above me and can tell you exactly what time she gets up in the morning and what time she goes to bed, being I can hear her walk across all the rooms of her apartment. The 2-star review of the grounds sufficiently describe them, "Uninspired and dull." There is a crummy kiddie park consisting of one jungle gym and a slide. An average pool, with a subpar rest facility, and a green area in the center of the grounds with 2 picnic tables and 2 charcoal grills. For safety, I gave one star, as I have been BURGLARIZED since living here. The individual climbed through my balcony and stole my television, while I was asleep in the bedroom. My apartment lines the back of the lot, for which there are people constantly climbing the fence to go into the next apartment complex, the Mecca for crack and other drugs. An armored truck serving the bank up about 1 mile from the apartment complex was robbed less than a year ago, with a shooting happening, and there are constant police persons in the complex investigating everything from horrible screaming to disorderly conduct. For construction, the paper thin floors and ceilings are the primary issue. The rest of the apartment is 1/2 decent, but there is no real flow to the layout and design. The fixtures are ugly and intrusive, and my refrigerator seems to be about 25 years old. New windows were just installed, but before that the terrible insulation had provided me with a $220-$300/mo gas bill. There is an exposed brick surface to the patio, which has a crude paint job on the wall next to it, with paint extending onto the brick trim. There are two window that line the same wall, making it impossible for any type of breeze to pass through, even on the windiest day. There are no windows in the kitchen, living room or bathrooms. The maintenance people do a job that is worthy of a scoff. It barely provides what is needed. To give you an example, after the burglar broke the screen on my window to get back in, it was only replaced months later when the new windows were put in. A "Charlie bar" was put on the window, instead of a sufficient lock. A neighbor of mine told me that the maintenance people came into her place unannounced and came into her bedroom while she was sleeping naked, and I can attest to them coming into your place whenever they want. The exterminator will also come into your apartment uninvited, regardless of if you want extermination services or not. The staff cares about one issue, getting their rent on time. I tried to organize an Easter egg hunt for the community, but was told no staff was interested in helping with the event. Regarding my car getting towed, essentially the staff told me to piss off and tough luck, the same thing when I was burglarized. So overall, if you are looking to live in a terrible community with sub-par accommodations and staff that makes you question people's dignity, Strathmore is the place for you. If you aren't looking to live in a hell-hole, I suggest you look elsewhere. I am counting the days until my lease expires as I feel it was a mistake living here. The only reason I chose this place was because I came from out of state and did little research and was unfamiliar with the aspects I just described.
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Strathmore House Apartments

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