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The Point at Silver Spring

8750 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
I've been here 5 years, and since then I've called maintenance a number of times of small issues, light bulbs being burned out, which when I rented they were to replace them when they burned out. They changed that policy and never informed the residents. So I bought the flourescent light bulbs and tried to replace them, only to find out it wasn't the bulbs but the light fixture itself. They never even checked the fixture before telling me my kitchen light was broken. I still have two brand new flourescent bulbs ... waiting to be used.<br><br>I had a missing screen in my window for 3 years, I complained about it off and on but finally it was fixed. <br><br>Airconditioning when out in August, and it took them 3 days to get it working. Then I had a hole in the wall and had to ask them to fix that.<br><br>They replaced the toilets a few years back, I still have the holes from when they ripped out the toilet paper holder, they never came back to fix that.<br><br>I've had my car broken into, they were less than sympathetic. The maintenance people knew cars were broken into and never call the police. I was among several others that were robbed. They did nothing. Hired a security guard who sleeps at night and only "patrols" the building areas. Parking garage is sub-contracted out so it's not officially part of the building area.<br><br>Fire alarms are often pulled at inconveinent times.<br><br>The fan over my oven was broken for 6 months with me compaining every month that it had not been fixed.<br><br>My refrigerator stopped working, and they replaced it with a smaller one. At least it works.<br><br>The office staff and renter agents change frequently. You never know who's doing what job.<br><br>The amenities that attracted me have slowly been going away. The pool was closed and covered over prior to me moving here though at the time they still advertised they had a pool. The sauna was in poor shape but still worked very well and the have now closed that. They have built new stuff, a new gym area, nice but rarely used most of the time. The have a "Business Center" 4 computers and a photo copier (which costs more money). Most people that live here have a computer, you need to make 4 times your rent to be approved here. <br><br>They had programs for kids after school, though I don't have kids I thought that was a great idea. They have cancelled that twice. The person who was involved for that was let go.<br><br>They had community programs, parties, bingo, game night, video night for kids and adults. A nice way to meet with other residents. I haven't seen an advertisement for that in several months.<br><br>Please Save Yourself ... Don't Rent Here ... There are closer places to the metro which are less expensive and just as nice if not nicer. Recently I checked out Twin Towers... rent for a one bedroom was about $50 cheaper, and onsite parking was $20 cheaper. And amazingly they were full.<br><br>
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The Point at Silver Spring

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