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Office Staff
parkchesterqt • Resident 1995 - 1997 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/14/2002
I lived in Country Club from May 1995 to May 1997. During the two years I lived in the complex it was managed by a national company called Equity. The staff when I first moved in were very friendly, helpful and considerate. Unfortunately they all departed after about a year and the management team that followed deteriorated. <br> <br>Also keep in mind that Country Club has two sections. The section by the tennis court (farther down the culdesac) has always been less maintained than the section with the pool and rental office. The other section seemed to be infested with drug activity as well. I was fortunate enough to rent in the building right next door to the rental office 13801 Castle Blvd. The apartment was prepped and ready for me to move it. At the time, the staff would add little extras to each apartment they rented as an extra incentive to get people to move in because it is so far from DC. I was friendly with most of my neighbors but there were definately issues even back then. Primarily the renting of apartments to way too many Section 8 people who did not work and hung out all the time. They were always on the stairs and in front of the buildings late into the night during the summer. <br> <br>There was also a pest problem the entire time I was there no matter how many times the exterminator came to spray my apartment. There was little privacy but the spaciousness of the apartments made up for it. My neighbor next door was in a domestic violence situation and I could hear her fighting every time her ex came over. The floors in the buildings are deteriorating so they slope and squeek when you walk. My downstairs neighbor complained about me walking down the hall everytime I moved and I could smell her smoke which came up through the vents. <br> <br>My appliances worked well. I got a new fridge when I moved in, the built in microwave wasn´t the greatest but it worked, and the dishwasher also didn´t do the best job but it was sufficient if you prewashed. I had my washer fixed a couple of times while I was there. The stove worked well and we had great water pressure. <br> <br>On the plus side, they maintained the grounds well while I lived there, the units are spacious, the area was nice for the most part (occasional shooting with the groups of teens from the complex across the street during the summer months) close to shopping, and timely repairs. <br> <br>From reading the other reviews I think I moved out just in time before the place really went to pot. I had problems with the office staff when I moved out that had to be resolved by the General Manager of Equity Management. If you move there I suggest you choose a building closest to the rental office. The farther into the complex you go the more likely you will have problems with noise, shootings, police activity and drug dealing. <br>
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