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Allentown Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
I lived in Allentowne Apts. from Aug. 2000 to Aug. 2005. As a single parent, I moved here because the rent was $815 for a three bedroom and although it wasn't the greatest complex, it wasn't the worst either. My kitchen slowly began to fall apart. The cabinets are paneled wood and so old and decrepid that shavings similar to saw dust would build up on all my dishes, pots and pans. Eventually all my cabinet doors and drawers fell off. I mean literally you would go to open one and the entire front would fall off the wall in your hand. I stacked them up on the side of my refrigerator while I waited for management to come and install the butcher block cabinets that I was promised when I first moved in (I just moved and the broken cabinet doors are still on the side of the refrigerator). The property manager harrasses all black residents while the -------- layout in the courtyard like slave labor taking a break before the master returns. I would leave out to go to work on Monday mornings to find the parking lot littered with truck loads of empty Corona bottles and the cardboard cases they are sold in strewn about the property (no, this is not an exaggeration!) The building I lived in was a trifling mess! Always a sewer back up resulting in getting letters from Management stating that the water would be off for the better part of the week for repairs (this was still going in when I moved last month, so I guess they never found the source of the problem) Forget the drug dealers, I was more afraid of the cockroaches that loitered in the hall and threatened to overtake my apartment! The rental office is an efficiency apartment, so forget discussing your personal issues in privacy with the management. Anyone waiting in or around the office is privied to your conversation. The entire apartment complex reaks of urine ( you can even smell it in the air) The bulb in the exterior hallway light on my floor has been out for the past six months and ladies that are suppose to clean the buildings only pick up garbage around the parking lots and in front of the rental office. A resident in by building front door was set on fire presumably from children playing with matches in the hall(management never came to survey the damage and didn't replace or even offer to repaint the front door - now that is pitifully trifling!!!) In closing, I just thank God that my employment wages have increased and I was able to get out of Allentowne Apts.
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Allentown Apartments

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