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5908 St. Moritz Drive, Suitland, MD 20748
5908 St. Moritz Drive, Suitland, MD 20748

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The Marconi



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amcampbell79 • Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/05/2016
This is the worst company I have EVER dealt with. They own the apartment complex that I live in (The Marconi). On July 23, 2016, I walk into my apartment around 7:20 pm only to find my air conditioning not working. The bad part about that is it was a high of 103 degrees that day. It was over 80 degrees in my apartment and I had my 3 year old son with me, along with 2 other children under the age of 10. I call emergency maintenance and was told "I'll come tonight if I get another call. If not, I'll come in the morning." That right there was an absolute problem for me. I even explained to him I had young children in the house and he still said the same thing. He told me that they "do not consider A/C an emergency. Only gas and water leaks." He ended up coming the following morning and told me whoever fixed the unit before put too much Freon in it. That was done by a previous maintenance worker because when I moved in in April, the A/C was not working. So now of course I want to talk to his supervisor, but I had to wait until Tuesday to talk to Barbara (property manager) because the rental office was closed on Monday. When I talked to Barbara, she explained to me that the rule of A/C not being an emergency came from above her. So she gave me her supervisor's phone number (Pam Adel). When I talked to Ms. Adel, she told me that it also was something that came from above her and that she'd talk to her boss. I asked for the company's name who manages The Marconi because their name is not listed on any documents I have. She told me it is Geller Associates. So I gave them a call and talked to Susan. I asked for a last name and got the response "B. B as in boy." Apparently they don't give out their last names, which is extremely weird to me. The only thing I told her was I had a question and concern about emergency maintenance and A/C. She then put me on hold and came back to say someone would give me a call. Mind you, she never asked what my issue was, what my name is, or even what my phone number is. So I asked her who would be giving me a call back. She said "Pam Adel." I explained to her I already talked to Pam and that the issue was bigger than her, so I wanted to speak with someone in the corporate office. She stated that "they will speak to Pam first, then give me a call back." I told her I don't understand why they would do that when they don't even know my issue yet. So, with an attitude, she asked what my issue was. I told her the whole story, and again, she stated someone would give me a call back. I asked her if she knew who it was going to be because I didn't want to talk to Pam again. She told me that she was going to inform her supervisor Phyllis (again, no last name). After 2 days and no call back, I call again. The woman who answered the phone asked me if I left a voice message. I told her no because I wasn't given that option. She said that she would transfer me to Mr. Geller's voicemail. I left a message on the voicemail and called right back so I could get her name. Low and behold, it was Susan. I asked her if she remembered me calling 2 days before and she did. So I asked her why did she act clueless when I called and ask me if I left a voice message knowing she never gave me that option before. She put me on hold and a guy comes to the phone. "Hello. Yes?" This is how he answered the phone. I asked who I was speaking with and found his name was Adam (again no last name). I explained the situation and he told me I would have to talk to Barbara, the property manager. I told him I already talked to her and was pretty much sent up the chain to them. He kept saying that was not a matter that they took care of in the corporate office and to talk to her. I asked him if I went to talk to her and she sent me back to Pam, and then sent me back to them, then what do I do. His response was "I highly doubt that would happen." I explained to him that I only got the information and found out about Geller & Associates because of Pam Adel. He continued to say talk to Barbara and went on to say "I'm about to hang up the phone right now because we have other things to tend to." Then he hung up. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL ! There is nothing these people can say that can justify the actions of their employees. I will NEVER recommend anyone move into the Marconi Apartments or any other property Geller & Associates manages. Because if you have an issue that your property manager can't take care of, you're pretty much screwed. They showed no interest or even a care in the world for my issue. That shows that they don't care about their residents. The people paying them monthly. And it's not as if A/C is included in my rent. I have to pay electric. If I could break my lease today, I would! If you are looking for a place to rent, and you find out Geller & Associates manages/owns that property, RUN AS FAST & AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN. None of your issues will be handled. They'll treat you like you're nothing.
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The Marconi

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