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The Marconi



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LovelyRenter89 • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2013
Ok... so This place wasn't horrible but I definitely would not come back. I had one of the first renovated apartments on the same side of the street as the rental office. The walls are thin! If you sleep light.. you will not sleep tight. People talking kept me up. And at one point during my stay I worked nights so sleeping during the day was miserable... somehow all of my neighbors were home with their kids too. My neighbor downstairs was straight up abusing her toddler. She had me in tears one night screaming at a baby because he spilled his cheerios. I heard the entire ordeal downstairs and every single spank... that's how thin the walls were. I've passed her with my child and her child was way too precious for that type of treatment. If I could go back I definitely would have called the police. I guess since I had one of the first renovated apartments, none of the other apartments had been touched. So every single time one person moved out they came in to renovate and roaches were absolutely everywhere. I complained and complained until I finally gave up and stayed at my kids dad house until my lease was up. So gross... the roaches that would like to sleep next to you. I'd be washing my hair in the shower and look up... there is a roach. My son had major respiratory issues shortly after our move that absolutely do not run in my familty and could have, I can't be 100% for sure, stemmed from that. I honestly did enjoy my stay at first. I was single, independent, 19 with my own fancy new place. But when things got bad THEY WERE BADDDDDDD and I felt like I was the complainer. The roach issue. The noise issue. My counter paneling was peeling. I lived there for a year with no racks to my refridgerator... I kept being told they would have to take them from another available apartment, I eventually just gave up. And cooked enough for the night. That's so ------... like why not just call the manufactuer and ORDER shelves. Potholes were really bad and I pray for the current residents there are fixed. The leasing agent was extremely ------, but she wasn't there for long after I moved in. The office manager appears a little rough around the edges but she was really cool just things did not get done. Renter beware. I lived there two years ago but I would not recommend especially for their current going prices... they are insane!
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The Marconi

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