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Cambridge Apartments



Resident · 1995 - 2008
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Hello, I am a current resident and have been in the property (Winslow House and adjacent property-Cambridge house- also run by the same staff). 1st hand please make sure that you know who manages the properties and who inturn the community manager reports too(in Baltimore) and then find out who the CM"s superiors report too (in Bethesda, Md) and then who manages those reports!!! I know who they are, but I can't post the info....trust me, you'll need the information!!!! The community manager NO LONGER lives in on the property. As noted by the prior posting be another resident, the property has been renovated. However, the management staff is the cancer!!! The are highly untrained in regards to respecting tenants privacy, for one!!! Also coupled with this you have a community manager that lacks customer service skills and believes in intimidation tactics...the CM appears to get a thrill out of keeping tenants in fear of eviction whether that have caused any issues on the property or not!!! She oftens sneaks around the properties to listen at the doors of tenants; during inspections, she'll try to tell you how top store food or how many rolls of tissue you can have (all of this has nothing to do w/ the inspection itself). The CM intentionally pits tenants against one another by informing one tenant that another is complaining about the noise level, yet the CM never have evidence or disclose any thing...everything is circumstacial and based on the fabricated words of the CM. The CM used to live in the property until it was exposed that their offspring was the neighborhood weed seller and the vandel on the property. Can you believe that?? And the whole time, the CM goes around trying to tell residents how to live right! The CM was finally pressured in to leaving the property. However, the CM continues to run the place as if she was Adolph ------ and you, the tenant, are in concentration camp. The CM has been known to seek sexual relationships with male tenants (married or single), then use the staffing capabilities powers to check up your apartment in your absence...for example, the CM looks for signs of another women, if you're single! The managment staff has keys to your apartment and they don't mind entering your apartment and USING OR TAKING YOUR PERSONAL items when you are not home! I barely missed catching one of the staffers / CM entering my place when they thought I was not home. I've filed many of police reports. And don't be fooled by the freindly disposition at the time of check-in or pursal of the property...all that changes once you move in and you get in the sites of the CM / staffers, who most-likely is receiving a poor performance evaluation. The mantenance men are relaible, but they sit back quietly and allow the CM to inflict her non-professional and lawlessness on underserving tenants and visitors (yes, they get are not out of the CM's target!). Since the partial ban on rent control was lifted in Takoma Park, it's in the best the best financial interest of the properties to rid itself of the long time tenants..that's where the harassment comes in...I've seen the staffers/ CM run all but 2 families out of the properties with harrassment and false inspection reports, so that they could make room for new leases at greater pay. Don't think for a second that you, a new tenant, could not be the next target as things change in the area!!! My recommendation is to stay clear of establishments that promote this type of culture!!! Hit them where it hurts financially-in the pocket-book! And this is how they will eventually understand! During these harsh economic times, the consumer is actually the driver in this market. If the property can not be repretable, let's put them out of business!!! I could go on and on...just wanted you to have an understanding of what you could be possibly getting yourself into with the managment company. My family and I are moving out...tired of SUCCESSFULLY fending off false allegations, stolen property, invasion of property, intimidation tactics and poor communication with the managment!!! Besides, we found a much better place for the money!!
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Cambridge Apartments

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