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Harbour Manor

4513 23rd Parkway

Temple Hills, MD 20748



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
I have lived here for 6 years and every 6 months they have raised the rent, yet the customer service and the living area has gotten worse. The office staff is rude and obnoxious. When you call to get something corrected you have to track them down. I don't know who hired these people for customer service positions, but they need to re-evaluate.<br><br>Parking sucks and they tow your car even if you are parked correctly with a parking sticker. My husbands vehicle was towed three times and two times it was parked in the designated area. Then they charge you $ 175 to get your vehicle back. There was a roach problem in my apartment when I moved in, and I called maintenance, and they send someone in, who dropped 3 small roach motels and left. Those things don't work, and needless to say, did nothing for the problem. I had to go out and buy products to get rid of them and I had to use a corkgun to close up all the holes in the walls to keep them gone. <br><br>Granted, the apartment is spacious, but the walls and floors are super thin, I constantly think the person who lives above me is going to come through the floor. The kitchen floors are just disgusting and undated, the bathroom is undated. The carpeting is old and worn yet when asked they will not do anything about it, they say until I move out??? Now, tell me... how does that benefit me and all that I pay out to live here????<br><br>It burns me up inside, when I think off how much money I am giving these people every month. I've had several friends move out because of the roaches and now mice problem and one friend had termites. All management did was sprayed and set out a box trap for the mice. I have contacted the health department for the mold in the basement of the building that you can smell when you enter the building to try and get some type of resolution. But it seems the resolutions are only temporal.<br><br>Please do not torture yourself by moving here, this place is the worst possible place to move. If I was able to, I would have moved yesterday but I'm a student and it is currently the only thing I can afford. So still If YOU have a choice....<br><br>Please, JUST SAY NO!!!!! <br>
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Harbour Manor

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