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Marlborough House Apartments

3001 Branch Avenue

Temple Hills, MD 20748



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
I have lived here for almost 2 years. When I first took a tour of the apartment, I thought they were clean and the noise level was great. However, within two months, there was a fire in October of 2005 due to an electrical problem. Now, the fire didn't turn me off, because fires can happen anywhere. What swayed me to not having good thoughts about the place I lived in was the residents did not get a notice of what caused the fire. I had to find out from the news. <br><br>Roaches and rodents. During the first year, I did not have any roaches, but recently, I have had a problem with roaches. The roaches, which are few, don't really bother me, because roaches can come from your neighbors living trifling. However, what got to me was recently I had a rodent problem. One evening, I heard a knocking on wood and I thought it was water dripping from somewhere, but it was the mice running across my kitchen floor. <br><br>Now, all these things exist, however, I must commend maintenance, sometimes, for their timing, however, there is still room for improvement.<br><br>Management. "A few good men." Literally.<br><br>In closing, I plan to move out this May, after school ends, because I think the place is going down. Whoever they are allowing to come in without background checks are bringing the place down. <br><br>However, if you are a single parent or someone who must have all their utilities paid for, then I do recommend the place, beause I've never had any problems with crime or someone breaking into my car, etc.
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Marlborough House Apartments

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