Ruxton Village Apartments

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Ruxton Village Apartments

12 Ruxton Ln, Towson, MD 21204
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$2,660 - $2,868/mo



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Resident 2014 - 2016


If you are thinking about moving into Ruxton Village Apartments, DO NOT DO IT! We were told that this was a family friendly complex and at first, we were impressed with the office staff. We knew that 70% of our floors had to be covered with carpet so we complied. The neighbors below us complained that they could hear us walking, (normal for apartment living) but none the less, we spent close to $1000 on addition padding for our carpets. Later we found out that those neighbors below us had 1 5x7 rug in their entire apartment. If we had known that this wasn't going to be enforced in all units, we would have asked for a bottom apartment. Later, after letting my 5 year old nephew play outside after school with other children, he was harrassed by an elderly resident. This neighbor told my nephew that if he wanted to have a place to live that we was not allowed to play outside or him and his family would get kicked out. When we reported this to the leasing office, they agreed with the woman harrassing a kindergartner. I understand that the leasing office has their hands tied, as… See More>
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    Resident 2015


    Good Morning I just wanted to take a moment, now that things are slowing down for me, and share a few thoughts with you. I moved into Ruxton Village Apartments approximately a year and half ago. I need you to know that during this transition from a home to an apartment your entire staff was incredible. From the minute my daughter and I met Joann in the rental, to my last phone call with Betsy & Wendy, when I needed to terminate my lease early. I would like to you know what an amazing staff of people you have working with you to make these communities a home for us. When there was an issue and I needed maintenance, they were there quickly and very friendly. The 2 winters that I was in the apartment, the removal of snow and ice, was so impressive. I never missed a day of work waiting for the sidewalks to be cleared. The entire maintenance staff had always been friendly, approachable, and they work so hard all day. I can never remember a day that any of the guys were sitting in the shed and not working. They were always on the go and… See More>
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      Resident 2013


      My family (3) have lived here since June of 2013. The apartments are spacious and quiet. The management and maintenance teams respond quickly....although I've had to call them only one time. We should have moved here sooner.

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        Resident 2010 - 2013


        We (family of 3) lived here for three years and was overall pleased. When I moved in, I can tell a lot of care and hard work was put into my apartment (fresh paint, new refrigerator, new stove, etc). When I moved out, everything is communicated clearly and processed professionally. You know how good a place is only when you see how they treat you at the time of leaving, not just by how well they treat you when getting in. The manager, Wendy, is awesome!!! Anytime I ever needed anything, she took care of it immediately. JoAnn, who handled my lease from beginning to end, was great and helpful all along the way, I am happy with my choice since day 1. Ruxton village has a quiet and well-maintained community, with plenty of parking. It is a great and safe neighborhood. I forgot so many times to leave my car doors unlocked or windows unclosed and never had any issues. And the people that live here are friendly and respectful. There are grocery, bank, gas station and other shops within 5 minutes walk! This is the best spot you could find along the Bellona ave. If you are looking… See More>
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          Resident 2011 - 2013


          I love my apartment and plan to stay in the community until I buy a house. Currently, I rent a second floor. These units aren't new but are renovated, spacious and feel more like a home than an apartment. The area is nice with bank, service station, dry cleaner, grocery and package within a block. There is a public park with a playground and running track just a mile or two up the road. The unit updates to baths and kitchen are tasteful and the modern apartment-grade appliances (incl. W/D) are attractive. I like the bare wood look with area rug coverage and that water and gas is included in rent. My neighboring unit noise is light to moderate, but I expect some noise in an apartment situation. Maintenance is fairly responsive during office hours but after hours is offsite on call, which is not great. That said, the office and maintenance staff are very nice and helpful. Other reviews mention centipedes and although I have had a few of them in my unit over two years, I haven't had an infestation and would say I've noticed the grounds have been treated at least twice in the… See More>
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            Resident 2009 - 2012


            Lived here from 2009 to 2012 and never had any problems. Very helpful and accomodating staff, especially Joann and Wendy.

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              Resident 2012


              Everything here is made as cheap as possible, material as well as services. Ground maintenance is awful! Floors are very noisy and made from the cheapest wooden tiles. In some apartments they are very old and deformed after flooding. Washer/dryer combo is very small, old fashioned (design from 60ties!!!) and extremely noisy!!! Front door is bitten up and haven't seen paint for ages. No storage for strollers or bicycles, although there is plenty of unused space in utility room in every building. Obviously --. ------ doesn't care that his tenants have to store those in a living room or let them rust on the balcony. I am sorry for the folks with kids from the 3rd floor! However they are compensated the other way, nobody is walking like an elephant above them and they have less infestation then residents on the ground floor! Many people moved from the ground to the top floor because there are still few good things about Ruxton Village: location, safety, plenty of parking and modern, wonderful windows that were put by ------ ------ before he -------------------------------------, who unfortunately let the Apartments sink by saving on everything!!!



                Ruxton Village Apartments
                Thank you for the nice things: location, parking, windows you said about Ruxton Village. We are happy to report we are replacing the washer/dryer combo and all other appliances in the new apartment homes becoming vacant. We invite you to visit our model to see the improvements. Ruxton Village staff does pride itself on any maintenance concerns being addressed as quickly as possible. Please let the leasing office know if we can help you in any way to improve your apartment home or services. We do agree the extra storage would be nice for resident use, however the fire department doesnt allow us to offer this extra. The office staff is always available to address any concerns feel free to contact us. Best regards
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                Resident 1999 - 2012


                REALLY?? What's not to love about Ruxton Village? This is the best kept quiet, illusive,exclusive treasure in Ruxton. Fourteen years ago, my intention was a 1 year lease. Here I am. 14 years later with absolutely no desire to move. What's not to love with the Village Community of wonderful neighbors, maintenance, and the all inclusive support and care of the Keelty Family. I have an exquisite new kitchen and bathroom, thanks to consistent upgrades, 24/7 prompt maintenance, immediate snow removal, and beautiful maintained grounds. Another year ahead with what not to love in Ruxton Village.

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                  Resident 2007 - 2012


                  I lived here for five years. Biggest pro is the size of the apartment and the cross ventilation. If you are lucky to get an end apartment, you also will get windows on the side. Biggest con is maintenance. Although the staff is pleasant they are significantly under manned. Never took less than 2-3 weeks to get repairs and often required second phone call to office. Took two years to fix something I complained about when I moved in. One issue was never dealt with over the course of my tenancy. Rugs are "required" but not really enforced so if you are not living on the third floor, noise really becomes an issue. Although the kitchens and baths are being updated, the kitchen is really small, counter space is at a premium. Snow removal is very good during the winter. Overall though not worth the rent IMHO.

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                    Lived there for almost 3 years. Initially, signed up for a basement (= 1st floor)apartment that was a big mistake. Basement in house #21 was infested with centipedes. They called their maintenance guy which tried to sprinkle something and that something did not help much. Then one Saturday morning I was walking barefoot in the living room and almost stepped on a... SNAKE. I caught it, put it in in a big jar, called the office. They sent someone who claimed that snake was just a garden snake, no worries. Then we replied that this was a misrepresentation of their apartment because there was nothing in their contract about centipedes and snakes that we have to share apartment with. We told them that we either leave or they should give us apartment on a different floor. They had an apartment on a 2nd floor (again, it turned out not to be the smartest choice as apartments are made of crappy material and have very poor sound isolation. We hear our neighbors upstairs when they take shower, walk and the level of this noise is significant as if everything is happening in our apartment). We had to pay them $250 "early… See More>
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                      Resident 2011 - 2012


                      Ruxton Village Apartments in 2012

                      Our family has lived her for a year and we just re-signed for another year. We are VERY happy with the apartment! The staff is easy to get in touch with, the maintance guys here are amazing! We have had some things come up, garbage disposal clogging, the dyer vent clogged, a cabinet hinge breaking, all were called in as per policy and handled the next day or so by the maintenace guys. If you are looking for a great located community that is quiet then you should totally check them out.

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                        Resident 2010 - 2011


                        Worst apartments ever

                        Dont live here, the office staff is terrible, rude and incompetent. They make every small thing a huge fight with the tenant. The apartments are not worth the rent, so many other good options in towson so never rent here.

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                          Resident 2011


                          so far so good

                          1) I have been living here for four months on the second floor. 2) no mice or rodents of any kind, perhaps its because im on the 2nd floor? 3) maintenance takes a couple days to come by, which from previous apt experience is normal if its not an emergency... everything so far has been fixed as requested. 4) the floors are noisy as hell.. I have slept with a loud fan all my life though because i enjoy the noise so it drowns out MOST of the heavy walking.. My upstairs neighbors clearly dont have the carpets you are supposed to, but why would you want to cover all your hardwood floors??? so i don't blame them.. i do swear though sometimes it sounds like an elephant running around up there.. 5) the floors are my biggest disappointment.. they are older, but they are tile wood instead of strips so of lesser quality.. no splinters or or anything like that and i walk bare foot every day. 6) the people who live here are old.. i mean not there's anything wrong with that ;) i have not had any complaints yet as i am a nice person and actually take the time… See More>
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                            Resident 2011


                            Not recommended !!!

                            Cons: 1. Never consider basement. They are infested with nasty creatures called centipedes. Google information about them, you'll learn many interesting things. Stuff knows about them but keeps quiet. If you complain after you move in, they will send so called exteminators. In our case, they came twice, sprinkled some stuff. It helped for several days, and then everything started again. 2. Buildings and water pipes are very old (you will have to clean them pretty often). A couple of times we called maintenance but then just started buying our own declogging liquid. 3. Other equipment including toilets, gas stove, something from above the stove (apparently coming from the era before microwaves), dishwasher, washer/dryer are definitely from the previous century and are very outdated and often do not work properly. I heard they started installing new items in the kitchens but they buy the cheapest stuff that does not work. As an example, we clogged our sink food disposal with just potato skin. Then we were told by the maintenance guy that the best idea is not to use it at all since they are of very poor quality. 4. Kitchens are very small. 5. Floors are very old, poor quality (don't walk… See More>
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                              Resident 2009 - 2010


                              DONT LIVE HERE

                              Terrible experience living here, at first it seems to be a really nice place but its really not. The management is terrible, worst I've ever dealt with. You can't get a hold of anyone in the office other than the answering service because apparently the office staff never works, so dont believe their hours of 9-5 because thats a huge lie. Also if you plan on walking in your apartment after 8pm, this isn't the place for you. And your rent checks take up to three weeks to clear because of the lazy office workers. Everyone here is very old an complains if they can hear you walk on your hardwood floor late at night. there are bugs and mice and its overall a terrible place to live. Don't be fooled by the pricing of the nice looking model. DONT LIVE HERE. Ill be leaving as soon as my lease is up.

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                                Resident 2008 - 2010


                                Infested with Mice

                                I could not agree more with the previous reviewer. This place is infested with Mice and the management won't do anything.

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                                  Resident 2010



                                  Some of these buildings are infested with mice. The management drags it's feet when we complain to them about it. Make sure when you move here you don't get an apartment with mice in it. Look for small droppings in the corners of the rooms, particulary in the kitchen, under the stove. Staff will not admit that other people in the complex are also having this problem but I have been told by some residents that they too have issues with mice, even rats. We usually see them in the dining area and the in the kitchen at night. Sometimes we also hear them go through the waste basket in our bedroom when we are sleeping.I have given up on the management and will try to move the stove to see if there are any holes behind it that I can cover with steel wool.

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                                    Resident 1998 - 2009


                                    Used to be great, going down the hill

                                    Pros: Location, safe district, spacious floor plan with walk in closet, new windows are great! Cons: Terrible ground maintenance, company who is supposed to take care of plants do very sloppy job, destroys previously beautiful bushes and decorative plants, recently used chemicals to burn them to the bare ground, just painful to watch. It is obvious that nobody cares any more. Kitchen design is very bad with hardly any shelves and one(!) tiny drawer, dishwasher is easily 15 years old, terrible floor, very squeaky and bumpy, must have been flooded before and never fixed, very small washer. More and more partying kids, noisy at night. Very small storage. No space for bicycle or stroller, however in every building there is a spacious room downstairs (used to be laundry) that has to stay empty(!?), according to the office the bicycle is a fire hazard if stored there.

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                                      Resident 2008 - 2009


                                      Great apartments

                                      I like the area and it doesnt get much better than this...away from the craziness...Apartments are rather expensive but it keeps the rift raft out, cant pay enough for that! Not very modern but you know this when renting them, if you want modern, you may want to go to Owings Mill but I'll PASS on that area although Hunt Valley is nice but very expensive as well and a bit more modern, but again, me and the wife are extremely happy here !

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                                        prospectiveVisited 2009


                                        the staff is horrible

                                        my apartment was infested with bugs and i wanted to get out of my apartment.the staff won't let me break the lease.they say they will get a extermenater but they sprayed twise but no use so i think the extermenater is waste! the only thing they care about is don't even think about choosing ruxton village.also i wanted to add that they try to put on you.

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                                          Resident 2007


                                          Live in Ruxton amongst the $$$$ homes !

                                          Been here Jan to June 07 so far. Apartments are in Ruxton, a very quiet (and in parts, upscale) part of West Towson. Neighbors are friendly and quiet; aside from being able to hear upstairs occupants no other noticeable noise from other apartments. Next to Light Rail, but it doesn't make much noise (no station close by in case you want to use it though). Good local amenities in walking distance: 2 x gas stations, bank, dry cleaners, pharmacy, misc shops and Grauls supermarket and liquor store. Close to part of Robert E Lee park, although I haven't worked out how to enter the park or find the trails yet. Convenient for I-83 to/from Baltimore and a few minutes drive to downtown Towson. Cat friendly (not sure about dogs). Friendly and helpful maintenance staff. I would recommend paying these apartments a visit if you are looking for something in the area.

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                                            Resident 2007


                                            Positives - quiet, spacious, foyer, wooden floors, gas included.<br>Negatives - expensive, old fashioned, very small kitchen, very little storage space, no swimming pool

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                                              Resident 2006


                                              Lost in time, except the price

                                              Here are some antiquated apartments priced like modern ones. They are built well, but they show their age. The kitchens are small with such small counter space they are practically unusable. They don't even have a microwave over the stove, so you have to take your precious counter space for that. Windows are small, so the apartments are dark.<br><br>All rooms have nice wooden floors. Managment requires that you use carpeting to cover 80% of the floor, though. That's fine, because it cuts the echo... but it is another cost, because you have to buy carpets.<br><br>The only thing this apartment really has going for it is the location. Away from the center of Towson and the university students, in a quiet Ruxton.<br><br>Most residents are older and have lived here for a long time.<br><br>It's kind of like entering a weird time warp back to the early 60s, but paying higher prices. More, better, cheaper, alternatives in Pikesville or Owings Mills.

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                                                Resident 1993 - 2005


                                                You get what you pay for

                                                I"m suprised no one has written a review for Ruxton Village - it's probably because there's not much to complain about! I have lived here for several years and never had any major problems. I would say that the landscaping could be better, though. Endless hot water, new appliances, courteous and efficient staff, plenty of space and parking. You're not in the middle of a strip mall or anything either, just a couple of small stores and gas stations. It's quiet, safe and convenient to central towson, 83 and 695.

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                                                  Ruxton Village Apartments is an apartment in Towson in zip code 21204. This community has a 2 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $2,868. Nearby cities include Townson, Lutherville, Parkville, Lutherville Timonium, and Timonium.

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