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JSB Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
This is the absolute worst place I have ever lived. Witnessed a robbery in my face with my small child at night while coming home... called the rental office the next day it was stated they can't get security unless the owners want it but yet they pay for bs tow companies who don't tow anything. It's always people parked in apartment spaces that go to the businesses around the corner. Also people sleep under stairs, make signs, get drunk and break glass in the parking lot. I have replaced several flat tires since moving here beginning of 2014. On top of that they have been notified 2 times about the dishwasher leaking on the floor because for some reason the sink water drains into the dishwasher and sits as standing water that overflows onto the floor thru dishwasher once water gets to high. The only way to drain this water is run dishwasher which in turn I get a ridiculously high water bill. Final straw... I received a letter saying they are raising the rent on this falsely advertised 1 bedroom which is actually am efficiency with a half wall to separate the area. No doors anywhere but the bathroom. They habe lost their everlasting minds if you ever think I would be fool enough to stay in this unsafe environment for another 24 months at the rate of $875 or another year for $900. This place aint worth the $850 you receive now. Oh and month to month is $950. I wish I would and as a business owner I know how things should be carried but lessons learned I hope they consider this my notice that I WILL NOT be renewing a lease here or ever recommending this to even my worst enemy. By the way... some not all but some of the office staff are very rude. Always someone different at the front desk and just to give the tone... I walked in the office not long after moving in to return the move in checklist and I clearly heard "These people are complaining about low income housing" but let's be clear I pay my full $850 rent by myself on time monthly because I work very hard and I dont receive housing asst so I was bery offended. Hope this helps and I wish there was a 0 rating because they would get it from me.
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JSB Apartments

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