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12151 Ell Lane, Waldorf, MD 20602
12151 Ell Lane, Waldorf, MD 20602

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Pine View Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended

Reviewed 07/19/2013

The best part of living in Pine View apartments is that the rent is very affordable and the staff is very nice (but incompetent). Maintenance does a pretty good job when you need something fixed. The inside of the apartment homes are very basic and standard; nothing to write home about, but it s far from trashy. Please note that you are responsible to provide your own blinds and toilet seats. The rental office staff will attempt to duke you out of money when they can. I received a $15.00 invoice from the rental office for two cabinet knobs that maintenance replaced. I refused to pay them $15.00 because I didn t ask them to replace the knobs and the original knobs were on my counter. Since I refused to pay the invoice, I received an eviction notice citing as unpaid rent in the amount of $15.00. I didn t know any better at the time that they couldn t evict me under those circumstances so I ended up paying them the $15.00. They have tried that same song and dance with me several times thereafter and I ve successfully have refused to pay the fees. Myself along with other tenants in the neighborhood have received false eviction notices and many of the families have moved because of them. I on the other hand questioned the rental office regarding the accuracy of these notices just for them to tell me OOPS our mistake. What currently has me popping hot with the rental office staff is I received an email yes ladies and gentleman, an email at 8:30 am (the office doesn t even open until 9:00 am) stating that if I didn t pay them *$400, then the Sheriff would be at my house at 10:00 am to evict me. All kinds of emotions entered and exited my body as I read the email. To make a long story short, I ended up calling our local sheriff s office to ask why I was being evicted and he did not know. He called my land lord who apparently couldn t back up her story as to why I was being evicted so they had to cancel the eviction. I could tell a million and one stories of the crap that me and other residents have gone through living here. I m tired of fighting them month to month so I m moving as soon as my lease is up. Good Luck if you plan to stay here!!!
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Pine View Apartments

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