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Wakefield Terrace



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2016
Before moving out, I was paying $1050 a month for a 1-bedroom apartment that features perhaps the loudest design ever - the floors above me creak to the point of insanity, to no fault of my upstairs neighbor. And I understood that the rent I was paying is the "market rate," and it's an expensive area to live in, but in no way did I feel like I was getting my money's worth from it, especially now that they demand almost $100 more per month in rent, which is why I moved out. I understand that these apartments are old, but my heating unit was easily the most inefficient, energy-wasting way to heat my drafty apartment. I would pay anywhere from $150-180/month in the coldest months to heat my 750-square-foot apartment, even when I turn the thermostat down during the day. That's an unbelievable energy cost for the small unit that I was leasing When I moved into my apartment, I did so with the understanding that I do not have my own personal washer/dryer or dishwasher in the unit, but I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to pay for water/sewage in return - a fair trade-off. But now that they have deemed it necessary to start charging for water in an unbelievably unfair manner (dividing by square footage/bedrooms is not an ethical or acceptable way to charge for non-metered apartments such as mine), it's gotten even more expensive. I could've been gone for an entire month and not turned on my water once, and I still would've had to pay close to $30 for my water bill (plus a $3 "administrative fee?" Seriously?) - that's as much as a lot of people pay quarterly for their apartment's water/sewage bill. And I STILL had to pay for my laundry in the basement, which adds to the complex's overall water usage, I'm sure. Here's a dirty little secret they don't want residents to know -- this was administered by a submetering company, which means that some company approached the apartments and told them that they'd do all the work of reading a couple of meters (again, not individually metered), and the management company/apartments would get a large cut of the money while the submetering company took care of the rest. Believe me, it's not only sleazy, it's shady. And based on how filthy the parking lot looks on a weekly basis (mostly because the vast majority of my neighbors just didn't seem to care), I'm sure plenty of people are/were wasting water carelessly, and I'm forced to pay for it. And I feel awful that the maintenance people are left to clean up after the mess that other residents continually leave before the garbage trucks came around. On garbage day, it wasn't uncommon to see piles upon piles of garbage bags and other refuse surrounding the dumpsters carelessly. If people couldn't get any easy throw into the dumpster, they didn't. Each dumpster has a "No Dumping" fine warning attached...but I can honestly say that I saw more dumping than actual disposing of trash bags as intended - how many couches and TVs do I need to see thrown into the recycling dumpster each time I throw out my recycling? It's not bad enough that the amount of trash we threw away as a complex is staggering, I couldn't even feel good about recycling because people come and go with their bulk trash and throw it in the recycling dumpster because they're too cheap and too lazy to drive to the nearby county dump to dispose of it properly. Neighbors are definitely friendly overall otherwise, which is a plus, but it's no secret if you walk through the halls that there are plenty who decide to smoke marijuana in their apartments or their cigarettes close enough to the entryway that the smell emanates throughout the building. Enough said about that. The Wakefield Neighborhood isn't necessarily a dangerous place, but within .1 mile of the Wakefield Terrace apartments, there has been 1 officially recorded murder and an almost-massacre of a baby shower in the past year (don't believe me? look it up). It only took about 4-5 months of living there that I heard gunshots from my 1st-floor apartment. Even with that though, I was never really afraid to walk around at night, but you definitely don't want to stray too far from the apartments themselves. The police have a presence at Wakefield Terrace, but it's a testament to the poor quality of life that Waldorf offers in general. If you can, slip down to La Plata or up to Brandywine, you'll be glad you did. Living in the DC area is an expensive proposition as a whole, and Waldorf is no exception. But don't get roped into the scummy way the Apartments of St. Charles runs their complexes. Nickel and diming at its worst. I'm a recent college grad, I'm broke enough as it is, and they only made matters worse by how they do business. It's really unfortunate, honestly. But if you can help it...avoid their apartments at all costs.
Wakefield Terrace Manager05/02/2016

Hello, Thank you for your feedback, and we truly apologize for any inconveniences you feel you've experienced while on the property. We work hard to ensure that the buildings and grounds are properly maintained and that all residents are adhering to the lease agreement. We do ask that residents contact us with any concerns so that we can address them promptly. If you wish to discuss any of your concerns in-depth, please do not hesitate to contact me [email protected] Regards, Suzi, Senior Property Manager

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Wakefield Terrace

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