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Village Square

12011 Veirs Mill Road

Wheaton, MD 20906



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
<br>Pros: <br> <br>Pool. Never used it myself though. <br> <br>All utilities included in rent. <br> <br>Good parking for YOUR car anywhere you like, and only one other for a small VIP parking area. Some free parking also along a crowded residential backstreet. <br> <br>Generally nice and roomy outward appearance - they almost look like townhouses. <br> <br>Not too bad of a spot to commute from - excellent access to multiple lines of metro bus, with the Wheaton metro just down the road. You can easily hit many local towns and shopping districts by car without ever touching the beltway. <br> <br>A bit larger square footage than competition per room. <br> <br>Locked buildings with a single special front door key, and a buzzer (requires phone to be installed). <br> <br>Staff that will at least "listen" to any issues you have. <br> <br>----------------------------------------- <b entirely a -------- community - not too shabby if you're also --------, but I found it a bit intimidating. <br> <br>They WILL tow your car if you don't follow the rules (mine was). <br> <br>Although utilities are included, you can only get your apartment to a certain chill or warmth. My A/C broke at least three times, and maintenance required multiple calls to get it fixed. A/C and heat are turned on and off by the realtors, so expect to drench in sweltering heat in April and May - have fans ready. They didn't even let us know when the A/C was turned back on, so who knows how long it was already active. <br> <br>Annoying construction on horrible roads along Veirs Mill at the intersection with Connecticut has produced some annoying rush hour delays. <br> <br>Obnoxious neighbors who have no sense of noise pollution. Be prepared to hear music (read: BASS) in the middle of the night or very early in the mornings, especially on weekends, and have to either ask them to stop or call the cops - my neighbors couldn't speak English, so there's a huge communication problem. I was told when moving in that there were "very strict noise policies," but telling staff that noise is a problem will not produce results without telling them multiple times over a period of months. My particular issue took at least 8 months to get real results. <br> <br>Price isn't as cheap given the larger square footage - its easily $100-$200/month more than competitive areas. Significant rent increase was made June 2004. <br> <br>Although buildings are locked, for some reason residents feel the need to leave the doors open for their friends and family, day in and day out. I've never been able to understand this, and it deems such security completely useless. <br> <br>There are buzzers at the front of each building, but you have to have a phone installed to use it. Since I use cellular only, its useless as well. Needless to say, ordering deliveries is easier said than done. <br> <br>Don't expect to receive packages unless you are present in the apartment. No matter what the staff say, they will not drop off. I have all packages mailed to my work address. <br> <br> <br>Let me just mention that this could've been MUCH worse (just read some other reviews in the surrounding areas). I have not seen or heard anything about any drugs, gang type stuff, or robberies. There was a top floor fire in another building when I first moved in, and there were one or two evenings with tons of cops out front, but other than that, I've generally felt safe. I saw some bugs when I first moved in, but after a number of bug and apartment inspections (without me present) I haven't seen any since.
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Village Square

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