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Brookmeade Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
A lot of people are complaining about things that are a pretty common "problem" when you choose to live in places where there are so many different people from various walks of life living in a small community such as Brookmeade. The buildings themselves are decent for the size of the space and the monthly rent. The apartments themselves are about the size of a small rancher home. The hallways walls and floors are not spotless, but again lots of foot traffic on a daily basic will create scuffs and marks on the walls. But, you don't fortunately, you don't live in the hallways!! The parking could be better, possibly by giving everyone an assigned space. But there would be complaints and issues with that as well. Management has made a recent effort to make more parking availability to tenants. There are many complaints regarding children playing outside. There Is definatley an issue when people are climbing on roofs and dropping bags of trash out of a window etc. which previous reviewers mentioned, but general children being outside shouldn't draw complaints as that is what the playground is for. If you don't like, have or want children.... I suggest you don't move into a small community where you might happen to run into one! Managements have addressed the issues of other nuisance behavior from younger folks. Walls aren't extremely think, you can hear your neighbor occasionally, maybe more if you have noisier neighbors, but there again, that the risk your taking when you move to an apartment complex! Basically, the place isn't terrible. The reviews make it sound like a regular ------! Management is addressing concerns.
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Brookmeade Apartments

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