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jmbell42 • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/15/2008
This review covers my experience with the Broadview Apartments (then managed by CMB) between 2002-2005 (it's a tad lengthy). At first, the proximity to North Campus (where I worked/studied) and the spacious 2 Br/2 Bath layout worked for myself and my good friend (also in my department). Anyway, for two single guys who didn't really care about anything (we didn't even have furniture) this place was adequate (what do two young men really need out of a place anyway). At any rate, after I got married and my wife replaced my friend as my roommate, this place began to lose its appeal. The apartments are, as I said before, quite spacious (up to 1000-1100 sq ft), but they are of a distinctive "student slum" quality. Also, I don't think that any of our neighbors were over 21. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, however, IQ seems to be a function of age, because they all acted like idiots...I mean, who hasn't wanted to have fun, but I don't think that playing your cheap speakers at high-volume at 4 am on Tuesday night in your 1980-something Nissan is really going to impress the ladies that much. Also, beneath us, a CMB employee evidently let ~6 people live in a 2 Br/ 2 Bath apartment for what my wife an I approximated to be 3-4 Months. These people constantly smoked pot (yes, I know the smell of pot and I could easily smell it percolating up from the apartment below) and evidently had a little entrepreneurial streak in them as well (they had many *clients* wake us up at various times of night ringing the wrong door-bell).. I think that our downstairs neighbors serviced half of north campus. However, besides idiot kids, drug-dealing friends of CMB employees, a slightly worn-out apartment, and that oh-so-inimitable student slum feeling...this place was ok, if a bit over-priced. On the other hand, If you like pot, or idiot undergraduates, then this is your place, but get a buddy to split the rent with... it's a bit pricey for the slums... but at least you can walk onto North Campus to forget about where you live. Overall, I think that most people will do wise to look elsewhere, but If you really don't mind the noise, the smell, and the look of the place (i.e. you're like myself and my buddy when we moved in), then you're fine. P.S. They charge extra for the laundry facility, so take whatever rent they quote you and add $20.00/mo for the annoyance of watching college kids put a single pair of jeans in the washer and call that a "full load".... My wife also reminded me about some things that CMB did to us, so I apologize for this continuation of the previous review: (1) They treated us like children. No customer service. No respect. They acted like slum-lords who ran a student dormitory--poorly (2) They never fixed our air-conditioner (6-8 maintenance trips) over the course of 2 years. My wife and I considered legal recourse to the tenant's union, but we eventually gave up. The management told us that if the temperature inside is within 10 degrees (F) of the outside temperature, then everything was fine. This was a day where the apartment was 90 (F) inside and it was 80 (F) outside.... somehow that math worked for them. (3) Also, my wife began losing her jewelry and we noticed that it occurred whenever maintenance would come in for "inspections". Evidently, they were very thorough and found some tips for their trouble. All in all, the management CMB is absolutely horrible. I'm sure not everyone there is bad, but we had an absolute nightmare with them... probably because we tried to make this our home... not just a substitute for a college dormitory. So, if you do decide to rent this place, please be fore-warned. These people do not run a business to provide homes for people, the provide slum-like apartments for students. Buyer Beware, Caveat Emptor!
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