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Forest Place



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
This apartment SEEMED perfect, big living room, great location, a parking spot. However, upon moving in we discovered that almost everything in the apartment was cheap, broken, or both. The furniture was horrible. I'm used to crappy beds, I'd just moved out of the dorms, but my bed was literally so hard that I'd get a backache if I slept on it, I had to buy a bed roll to keep on it. When I attempted to move my desk, I found out that it had to be propped up, the side wasn't even nailed on. Additionally all of the drawers in all of the dressers and desks had to be yanked with ridiculous force to come out, and even when we could manage to do that, they would get off the track and fall out. The bathroom is tiny and has poor ventilation, so a gross mold developed on the ceiling in about a week. The windows never fully closed, and the neither did the blinds- which made the summers that much worse, when we couldn't even shade the sun. I noted almost all of these things on the inventory when we first moved in, and called in several times, but none of the problems were even looked at, until two weeks before our lease was up, and coincidentally right before the city would come in for inspections. And when that happened our apartment was invaded by multiple workers who stayed for hours at a time, monopolizing the bathroom (one day from 9 am- 2 pm, I eventually had to tell him to leave so we could all shower). At one point there were 4 men in here, each taking a room. It was beyond uncomfortable. After three days of this, I thought we were off the hook, and could get back to packing and living in the apartment undisturbed, only to discover that they shut off the water without giving any warning! The washer and dryer were overpriced and the dryers took at LEAST an hour and a half, for even small loads. The lone elevator for 5 floors and fifty apartments was slow and occasionally stopped working. I've lived in other apartment complexes and didn't have a tenth of the problems that I did with this one. It's mainly students here so Prime feels they can screw tenants over as much as they like. Avoid Forest Place. Worst apartments ever.
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Forest Place

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