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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2014
We stayed Ponds at Georgetown long enough and I have to say I am surprised with the reviews it got. Here are our thoughts first cons and then pros of living here. 1- Firstly the apartments have very bad air isolation. The smell of smoking in your neighbor below (even two below) will sneak through the door and the fireplace into your apartment. We had a lot of smoke smell from neighbors and an inch space under the front door. Even the common area of the apartment was terribly smelling during our stay. We were told by management that they don't do any isolation. However when there was a space available in our complex suddenly they took care of the smell in the common area since there were people coming to see and rent. Every morning both bathrooms were full of smoking smell. 2- Very bad sound isolation. You can hear dogs barking or kids shouting from neighboring units. Bottomline : Since smoking and pets are allowed in the apartments I suggest before renting the unit investigate your common area for smoking/smell and noise issues. You'll notice huge air gap under the doors which might tell you if you will have a smoking neighbor problem or not. 3- I don't know why a lot of reviews mention the management people. In Ponds the management's main task is simply sales and other "nontrivial" tasks are done very ineffective. You will get same friendliness you get from a salesman. For example, they are very ineffective solving noise or smell problems in this complex. Also if you decide to transfer your lease they will scare the new interested people by noting risks of transfer and then immediately sell one of empty units in their listings. In short transferring lease is really difficult you need to compete hard with the management. 4- Rest are not as major as above. Furnace in ours was old and noisy. The pool is not suitable for families with kids since on a few occasions there were young people partying with high alcohol (even though it was forbidden there was no monitoring). No place for strollers to keep outside. Also no groceries in walking distance. Now the good things : 1- The nature is really nice. In winter and in summer the walk near the complex is refreshing. 2- There is a little playground hidden behind the complex. 3- Parking and snow removal works well. Also the small fixing requests are done quickly (such as a non working dryer etc) 4- Easy commute to UM. I would give 2.5 stars, however because of some positive reviews that I suspect I am giving 2 stars.
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