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Surrey Park Apartments II



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mhidaka • Resident 2015 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2016
I have only had the opportunity to lease my apartment for a year. While I wish I could stay here much longer, the only reason why I am ending the lease here is because I got a new job in Farmington Hills. And as much as I wish I could keep my place, it is not the most ideal for gas wise. Let me start off by saying I have lived in several apartment complexes in many cities of southeast Michigan over the past few years. And Surrey Park, has raised my standards for an apartment in so many ways. When I had called to set up an appointment to visit the Leasing Office, the previous Property Manager, Paige and the Sales Consultant, Bobby both have been extremely helpful and honest in the process of my visit and application. Paige was thorough with the process with no loop holes hidden, and was as straightforward as he could get. "I'm going to be honest with you Mei" was commonly said by him when addressing any known issues. And I truly appreciated that gesture. Any time a maintenance order or issue was addressed, Paige notified the maintenance and followed up with a call or e-mail to ask if everything was alright. Surrey Park is a small community with very few units (apply ASAP to reserve a spot when they have an opening!) where small families, students and single tenants stay. They have studios, 1-bedrooms and 2-bedrooms. This helps keep things very quiet. And I mean you rarely hear a peep. The walls are so thick, I can't even hear people talking next door. Even when the room next to my neighbors were blasting music (hosting a party of some sort) the only reason why I noticed was when I was outside and they had they came out of their front door, which leaked out the music. But within the walls, you can maybe hear a faint of the music (you would really have to listen for it to hear it) even when they were blasting it. On weekends when I do my usual extreme cleaning of my apartment, I used to play music fairly loud within my walls, but as soon as I walk out to take out the trash, barely a sound leaks out. My next door neighbor had a dog and two kids, and I never heard them from my room unless they were playing outside. The complex is off South Maple Rd, with a liquor store down the street at Liberty Rd. Various food choices(American, Chinese, Korean, fast food, etc.), USPS, fitness centers, gas stations, CVS, all down Stadium Boulevard which is the next street over and off Jackson just down Maple. Stadium Boulevard curves and intersects with South Maple, where you can find Kroger, TJ Max, UPS, Zingerman's Roadhouse, and so much more! It is right next to the freeway and it falls in between the exit of Jackson Rd and Ann Arbor Saline Rd of I-94. But I assure you, you absolutely will NOT hear cars zooming by from your apartment. With no lie, I will say the maintenance is BY FAR the BEST I've ever expected to experience. I do not expect ANYWHERE to provide better service. I am assuming because this is a small community compared to most, the maintenance guys are able to ACTUALLY complete the maintenance orders! Some days they completed the job the DAY I placed an order for as little job as fixing the towel rack/toilet roll holder! (I told them there's no rush, but they proceeded to fix it right away!) And unlike most apartments, they asked for my permission to enter EVERY TIME when they responded to my requests, which I've never thought was possible in any apartment! Especially in a busy town like Ann Arbor. This made me feel very comfortable for any maintenance issue that occurred from non-emergency to emergency issues. The bigger maintenance issues I had was the Whirlpool refrigerator breaking down the first month of me moving in. Honestly, Paige and the maintenance guy, Don were more upset than I was when I informed them. When I had finally realized my vegetables and milk in the fridge were going bad faster than they should (which took about 3 days to be sure), it was on a weekend, so I had called the office and had the automated call directed me to leave a voicemail to emergency maintenance. Within an hour, Don had called me from his personal cell and told me he will bring his personal travel cooler and bought 2 bags of ice from the store. He did this for me WHILE he was at a family cookout! I could not have been more grateful for his dedication. Even though Don wanted to be able to fix the fridge himself, under a warranty contract with Whirlpool, the apartment complex was not allowed to do anything with the new fridge. Paige said my apartment had brand new appliances, therefore a brand new fridge SHOULD NOT break down and that it was unacceptable. He also assured he will refurbish any spoiled food or beverage from this issue, and asked for me to e-mail him the list of things that were spoiled. Once I sent him that e-mail, he called me and asked me to stop by the office to pick up a Kroger gift card for $30! (Talk about above and beyond service!) Paige contacted Whirlpool and Whirlpool completely replaced the fridge and I came home to a BRAND NEW fridge working better than ever. The maintenance guys even changed out the shower head to the one I bought and they helped put a TV wall-mount for my 42 in HDTV as well! (Which they mentioned they don't usually do, but they would much rather do it right for the first time for me, rather than have me mess it up, which I agreed) I had first attempted to place the wall mount myself, but I had drilled the hole in the wrong place, and because it was a drywall, it had to be on the supporting plank. When I had kindly asked them if they could fill in my mistakes, they did. Overall, this is a great apartment complex for small families, a couple, or for one-person. I would and have been recommending this apartment to many people in the area.
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Surrey Park Apartments II

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