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Surrey Park Apartments II



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aanaturemade • Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/20/2011
I knew other people who lived in this complex years ago but left. They had good experiences. But now, maybe because the Village Green company has taken them over, it isn't a good place to live though it should be. The complex is in a pretty nature dominated area and the apartments have decent amenites (no dishwasher though) but it has some outstanding problems. Problems: * The parking lots haven't been repaved in years. Bumpy, patched, pot holes that went on too long and broken curb pieces sitting around. * Dirty common areas. You can't walk or let your children play in the green areas because of dog poop. The complex allows dogs up to 85 pounds to live here and many people have come here bringing their large animals. These animals create HUGE piles of dog poop and many pet owners don't clean up after themselves. No posted signs in the common areas addressing the problem or waste cans or plastic bags like other complexes put out. There's not even a community flyer or occasional letter reminding people of their responsibilities. * Cars speeding in the parking lot. There's no speed bumps like other complexes and some people who live here (and some who don't) like to squeel tires late a night as they zip around the complex. * Lighting issues have plagued the complex with burned out bulbs and street lamps that take forever to get fixed. Does anyone think about having a weekly drive around after dark to see if lighting needs replacement? You can't depend on many of the residents as they don't seem to take the time to care. It's an apartment complex that was better and could be better but ownership and management just doesn't seem to care.
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Surrey Park Apartments II

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