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Auburn Gate

100 Lake Village Boulevard

Auburn Hills, MI 48326



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Bernardet_M • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2018
I have lived in this community since February 2017, I transferred for work from Texas to Michigan during winter, we got to the front office to sign our lease the very same day we arrived, my husband and I had 4 big suite cases, 2 back packs and some other stuff with no car, I asked the front office if they could give us a ride to our unit since it was snowing and they denied it due to some "policy", I thought that was okay, so we had to walk all the way to the back (probably it is 1 mile) while snowing. We were offered a garage within the next months, a lot of people moved out in the meantime and we finally got the garage 14 months later after many emails, calls and personal visits to the front office, however the garage stopped working and we had to fight for parking again many days until it was fixed. Speaking of parking, it is a truly nightmare, if you get there after 5:00 good luck finding a spot, so either you park in the curve and partially block the garages or you will have to find somewhere else to do so, even though they have a "garage policy" that it should not been used s storage unit, but there is never an inspection or a way to enforce it, all the people that have garages only used them as storage. I hear a lot of complains about garbage, I have nothing to say to that, I rather drive my self to the front side and drop it at the main dumpster than having a container in front of my building, that is a potential nest for many "wild life" (rats, mice, cockroaches, etc), they finally have finished the new areas for this containers but no sign on when they will be in service, again they can take as long as they want... no problem for me. The latest and greatest has been the new communication where out of the sudden the city of Auburn Hills forbids to have a grill in your own patio/balcony area (where was the city of Auburn Hills before???) along with any other object that is not patio furniture, I have a container with my recycling cans and I am not allowed to have it because it makes it look "ugly", if I fail to remove it, I will get a 50 dollars fine.. really???? I can not decide what I can have in my balcony where I am paying $1600 dollars a month, what is next? you will tell me that I can't cook certain food, or that I can not have certain type of furniture? this is getting ridiculous... I am extremely upset with this new rule, I went to the front office to address my concerns and like a recorder message the only answer I got was, we are sorry for the inconvenience.... On the positive side, the grounds look good, they make a great effort for looks, even though this is mainly by the front area, us people that live by the end don't get the same treatment... and also even though the companies they contract to build the new deck and a couple gazebos take their time to finish the jobs, I hope I can see them completed before my lease is over on February 2019. Also it is well accessible to the stores, the mall and the main highways. I am definitely not renewing my lease in this apartments, I can't wait until I am out of here.
Auburn Gate Manager08/31/2018

Though we're glad to hear that you are enjoying our community's pristine grounds and convenient location, we're sorry that your experience has not been more positive overall, as we want each of our residents to enjoy their homes to the fullest. We do apologize for any inconveniences that you've encountered, or that our changes in policy have caused you, and will certainly utilize your valuable feedback to help us improve and better serve our residents moving forward. If you would like to speak with us further about your thoughts, or if there is anything that we can help you with in hopes of making the remainder of your time here more enjoyable, we are available to speak with you directly at your convenience.

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Auburn Gate

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