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dearanastasia • Resident 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/24/2012
I lived in Bloomfield Villas for almost 1,5 years. Always on time with my rent, no complaints. For starts, I was not allowed to see the apartment I was going to live in until the very day of moving in, I had to fight the property management to be let inside the place just to see it. 2nd issue was the MICE! I saw a mouse in my apartment. They sent exterminators to take care of that. On another occasion we had an ant infestation, that we took care of ourselves. There was an almost constant smell of sewage outside my apartment. Reason remains unknown... My real problems started when I was about to move out. I was moving out on the 8th of the month, and I was told (lied) by Property Agent that the 8 days were going to be pro-rated and I was going to get the charges with my final bill. When I went to the Office to remind them that I was waiting for the final bill that would include the 8 days worth of rent charges, I was told by the Property Manager that they don't pro-rate anything, and that was said in the agent's presence, and she didn't take any responsibility for telling me previously otherwise. I was offered a 1-800 phone number for for Hartman & Tyner "Quality Assurance". That was a joke. After calling that number, nothing got resolved. The person on the phone said that it was not a company policy to pro-rate rent charges based on the days occupied, and they weren't willing to take any responsibility for their employee blatantly lying to me. The story kept going on and on. As I paid the full month's rent, I told them I have no intention of moving out before the end of the month, not on the 8th as I intended to (I was previously informed that my apartment was already re-rented). I started getting calls from Michelle in the office immediately after they got the news of me not moving out. She informed me that the property manager got the permission from Hartman & Tyner headquarters to pro-rate and give me back the money for the days after I'd moved out. But when I asked to have that IN WRITING (as I had been lied to by her before), she had to get off the phone, and called me back 2 hours later saying that they couldn't provide anything in writing, but "don't worry about it, we moved the next tenant to a different apartment, so you can just bring us the keys at the end of the month". So I honestly believe they had no intention of reimbursing me for anything and just LIED to me AGAIN! I wouldn't recommend these apartments to anyone. They treat their clients like they live there for free, and they just do you a favor of letting you live there...
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Bloomfield Villas

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