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Countryside Townhouses



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I have lived here for a little over a year. (Oct will be 2 year) Well anyways, I do like my little home, but I DO NOT like the people who live over here. They are trash. I got lucky with being at the end with knowing my neighbor. The price is a little much, but I looked around and I can't find anything in this area that has a washer or dryer in unit and a full basement. Also I hate the no pet policy. That is kinda dumb. I would like a dog since I am home by myself with my daughter. The walls are kind thin, so you can hear a lot, especially in the basement. Maintenance: They are ok with doing there job, but it takes them a few days to fix something. When they do come out they do fix it they do a good job. Grounds: Clean in the spring/summer/fall but winter they don't clean I guess. Parking: We chose to not get a covered parking spot because they are small. But we have a lot of parking by me, the only problem is where I am it is kinda dark and people like to park and smoke illegal things. Noise: Thin walls. You can hear when the neighbors scoot a chair across the floor. Safety: Like I said, not a very safe place with all the trash around. Seems to be more trash then anything. If they got rid of them it would be a nice place to live. Staff: The lady up front when you walk in is nice, also the lady that got stuck in the file cabinet room is very nice also. But the one lady that has her own office (no idea how that happened) Is a BI*ch!! You can go in and be extra nice and she still gives attitude. Overall: They have 2 pools on site which is nice. But you have to go early before 12p or else you are going to get stuck with the trash and all there friends. The office people are not very good about checking passes unless you call and complain. The one pool in back next to the day care gets full of kids under the age of 12. They all seem to have no parents because they are always alone. Which is against the pool rules. Other then the trash they let live here and the no pet policy I do like my 2 bedroom. A good little starter until you find something better. And I hope that you would.
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Countryside Townhouses

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