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Countryside Townhouses



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I've lived in Country side townhouses for little over a year, The only good thing about it being there over a year is my lease is up and I can't wait to leave!!! The appliances are outdated and don't work well. If you like to use the oven I hope you like everything WELL done because the oven is an inferno. If something calls to be baked on 350 for 25 mins, do 300 for 8. The dishwasher is useless. The counter tops stain if something other than water spills on them, even if you wipe it right up. Our air conditioning is alright downstairs but our bedroom and bathroom are extremely hot and stuffy and they don't allow air conditioning units in the windows. Our toilet ran and ran and we called maintenance and they "fixed" it. well they did not, my husband did. And our bathtub leases and they cant seem to fix that either. Hope you never accidentally lock yourself out because they wont come let you in, they make you call a locksmith. They say its city water but the water appears cloudy and if I don't bleach the bathtub every couple weeks it get a red ring around it from what I assume is iron or rust. It also makes your hair feel hard and dry. The staff in the office are always rude on the phone when I call for a question or maintenance problem. You get 2 parking spots. One under the little garage and one open one. Well at least one a week I have to park across the street because there isn't enough spots. I'm extremely unhappy with this place and would never recommend it.
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Countryside Townhouses

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