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Countryside Townhouses



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I've lived at Countryside for years. It use to have different management and the ladies in the office were nice but now the rude, ignorant, b!%@#, kim works there and Cheryl is gone. This is the absolute worst place to live. The maintenance men use to fix things and have a storage room that they could get new supplies from in order to complete the work order on your townhouse but ever since kim started working in the office the maintenance men said she makes them get whatever they need from an empty townhouse and she orders what was taken from the empty townhouse so you always get used garbage and the empty townhouse gets the newly ordered part/appliance. kim doesnt know how to keep the grounds looking nice the way Cheryl did. There's garbage everywhere. There are so many cars that get broken into in the summer so DON'T leave anything valuable in sight. Apparently kim thinks that people are suppose to be ok with mice, rats, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, and tree roaches inside their apartment because she damn sure ignores any requests to remove any of these pests. She is the most awful and rude uneducated person I've ever had to deal with at Countryside. She literally asked me why I was "throwing shade" when I cut her down for how awful of a job at fixing things they were. She must get some type of bonus for being a rude cheap [email protected]% because anyone that still has her working for them after all the complaints I've heard about her from residents and employees has to be ok with her mouth one way or another. They absolutely SUCK at removing snow and salting the parking lots and sidewalks now that Cheryl is gone. Apparently they believe that making everyone get renters insurance and liability coverage is another way for them to cut corners and save money on snow removal and salt. I'm soooooo HAPPY to be leaving this hell hole infested with pests. I called the emergency line one night when an animal was above my daughters room scratching her ceiling ALL night. No one ever came out. I called the office the next day and informed them. Still no one came out. I had an inspection that morning from the HUD office and I let them know. I was informed that kim was doing everything she could to kick people out who were on HUD. It's pretty messed up when someone working for HUD informs you of this. So instead of HUD filing discrimination charges against the [email protected]$, they just give people a heads up. Well they can have their pest infested townhouses. I've been blessed to find something way better and not having to deal with any government assistance anymore. I feel free as a bird!!! The best thing that ever happened to me was for an animal to come into my attic and them not do ---- to get rid of it. That made me not want to stay nights there whenever possible. Maybe if they actually got the pests out of peoples houses the FIRST time they called things would have been different. Thank you to the animal that they failed to get because I'm now blessed to be able to tell kim and countryside to go F&#@ themselves. Everything happens for a reason and I'm so happy now and free!! Karma is a [email protected]$ though and I know anyone who was rude to me from the offices will be paying for it!! God is good. DO NOT LIVE HERE they are awful, rude, dirty, and there's a lot of break ins and criminal activity going on especially in the summer.
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Countryside Townhouses

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