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Arbor Pointe Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/24/2009
I will be perfectly honest when I say that we had the worst stay while at Arbor Pointe for our year long lease. We had stayed at Arundel (another Vintage Property) before and it wasn't that bad but we decided to try Arbor Pointe...big mistake. Within one month of living there it was clear that the management did not care about the livelihood of its tenants. Numerous work orders were filed and things were rarely fixed. They seem to have let the wrong people in and it would not be a "normal" week at Arbor Pointe without seeing at least five police cars making calls to units on the street. Exhibit A: Move-in day we were without a screen door. After five work orders and six months later we were finally given one...generous. Exhibit B: Street lights were broken in the parking lot leaving it entirely dark at night. Filed several work order forms to have it replaced but nothing was done. Cars were broken into and my car was actually STOLEN right from the parking lot!!! Exhibit C: Bugs...get used to them, you'll see plenty of them come through the cracks in the doors that have such great seals. Exhibit D: Management accidentally deposited our rent check into funds for another unit then claimed we had not paid our rent on time and proceeded to charge us a late fee. Lucky for us that we had a receipt from when we actually did pay rent! Exhibit E: The security deposit screw-over. Never in my life have I encountered such unprofessionalism. Management claimed damage was done to a tile area of our unit and charged us $280 for it to have it replaced. Came to find out that the alleged "replacement" was never done and they had fabricated the story of having work done. Numerous calls were made to the front office to protest it, but the manager made EVERY effort to avoid contact. After contacting Vintage Properties we were finally reimbursed for everything, but it was only after we made sufficient documentation of every incident that occurred there. A word to the wise...don't move in unless you like losing money, feeling unsafe, and enjoy things being done at a leisurely pace at your cost.
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Arbor Pointe Townhomes

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