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Parkwood Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/24/2016
This apartment complex is not for focused working people. There are kids that just hang out all day, sometimes they are in the streets and will not move. Residents just throw their trash bags right on top of the closed dumper top, this is so embarrassing when you have company come over it looks bad. Daily debris in the parking area. Most annoying is car radios all types of nights and day, it can be from just cars riding thru but mostly residents or their company just hanging out with the radio on blasting for hours. Forget about opening your windows to get a nice breeze radios and kids are all you will here. The floors are so old you hear every move you make, others upstairs if you are in the living room, in the basement from the living room & kitchen area and your neighbors, old creaking wood, I have woke up thinking someone was coming up my stairs it was just my neighbors. Maintanence is good and timely but if not an emergency good luck on getting the phone answered. The office never answers you will have to physically go there rather it be for moving in or general needs. I Would not have moved here if I could rewind time. If management would just address issues it Possibly would be better
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Parkwood Manor

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