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Parkwood Manor



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tiredofabuse2 • Resident 1998 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/21/2011
We finally moved.We had several friends and family live there and still trying to get the hell out.its unsafe, loud, unhealthy to live there.the basements floods all the time with sewage and the owner(lawrence S tisdale) new about it when he bought it in 2004,but he wont do anything about it and it keeps passing inspection. i dont know how many times my aunts housing agent passed her umit with all the black mold and holes in the ceiling.i would tell who her agent is, but she still lives there. Premier management was fired for stealing from the company and not paying the bills. They took the couch set and 50 inch lcd tv with them when they left. former mgr Stephanie was messing with tenants files.She was pysco. We will post video of her as soon as we can find the video. She took 3 20 minute smoke breaks everytime we sw her. thats all she did. the contractors couldnt stands her. The owner refused to pay a company and they had to come back to take the exhaust bathroom fan.so the tenant had to have them come in there home.install it and come back and take it out. My family was under so much stress. The new managemnt is lockwood mgr company.(started Jan 27th 2011) The mgr is EBONY SIMMONS.The regional MGR is PAM PREDIUM. Ebony has family living there. That aint right. legal? They ------. they keep blaming the tenants for everything. They wont answer the office phone. they purposely keep the mailbox full so you cant leave a message and lockwood wont answer there phone. It goes straight to a recording. push this.push that.lockwood 1-248-203-0991. parkwood maint. 1-866-962-0885 Rick-maint supervisor. is a nutjob. abusive and weitrd. alot of tenants have copmplained about him, but hestill there. RAy maint tech-is a drunk. they all stink and chain smoke. THe place we live a t now.They dont allow ther workers to smoke during working hours.They respect there tenants rights.They dont yell at them like parkwood maint men do.they dont show up and demand there way in. my man had to put one of them in check. he didnt know he was ther and a maintenance showed up and just walked in. he almost got his --- shot. My cousin was in the middle of being with her husband and they wouldnt leave.They kept saying we have to fix whatever it was.So her man got up and made them leave.they came back like 20-30 minutes later.They be telling them all the time. You dont own this place.We can come in anytime we want. if you refuse us(office workers and contractors,mainentance men) entry.we will evict you.read your lease. They be not giving a 24 written notices. They give a date abd not show up or be there another day.the tenanst they wont stand up to them. they need to call all the news stations. Ebony sent out a letter. CPS will be called if parents dont be watching there kids. never happened. We will admit.ther are alot of stupid lazy parents there they dont watch there kids, but they still have good tenant trying to give them a chance. It took us 6 years to find are condo. They supose to call the police on boom cars and loud music. THEY REFUSE TO TICKET ANYBODY!They police are lazy.they no the noise ordance. they wont tell them to shut it off.We were late for work alot of times becuase of being woken up by bass. The last i heard. ther putting in a new play park. IT won last. itll be torn up like the other one. We wouldnt take are nephew there.its nasty. PArents smoking, drinking, letting there dogs poop and grown a$$ kids 13-17 taken over the playgrond. THe parking lots are nasty as hell.they never sweep or clean them. Bad a$$ kids be breaking bottles and playing in the parking lots. they dont care. they play right infront of the office.do they come out and put them in check.know, they to lazy and dont know what they be doing. they dont know how t o run the place. The office staff are-Quzan weaves&clown face Gail-big& i dont care temp. there are others that come and go.Just like the last mgr company. Aint no differnt.If you google up the owner. He was in debt for $250,000,000 for non payment of his water bill. he just a lazy money hungry landlord abusing the system. the govornment syastem. begging for a hand out. This is second the construction. We never got any privacey and peace and quiet living at parkwood manor. the last construction lasted from 2004-2006 and this one started end of 2010 and will be on going.are cable wire had to be replced 5 times in two months because of the land scapers.the plumbing they put in.they dig right where the flags are. wE had to cancle are cable because of that. We tried dish. tried.Some of the contractors cant speak english. so they say.you know they be aliens. There is no assigned parking....The walls are thin as hell.... smoking pot came into our unit.... cigaretts too... the pool is nasty... they dont take care of it or the tenants and the mothers be treating there kids like sh#t... They office is right there. why isnt Cps called on these ------ moms who be cussing threre kids out... They be cusiin acting a fool up in there.... smoking...drinking...If we had kids...wE wouldnt wnat our kids to breathing cigarete smoke or hearing all that nast talk...we wouldnt want are son to see these half naked women...with there junk hanging out. We gave lockwood a try. THEY FAILED. we out and happier than a mug.
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