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8800 Parkwood Street, Belleville, MI 48111
8800 Parkwood Street, Belleville, MI 48111

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Parkwood Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/01/2012
I have lived in PaRkWood for almost 6mths. & I have to say that I CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE! All I heard while going through the process of moving in is how they have new management, it's a great community, they have a 0 tolerance. --------. Obviously these people that came up with this 0 tolerance do not live in the complex. I have 2 jobs & a 4 yr old son! First, theres suppose to be a No per policy! Period. All u see are people walking their dogs outside! & leaving their ahit behind on the sidewalk. There are people hanging outside in the street, on the corners sometimes until 3/4 in the morning! & about 90% of the people hanging out that late are teenagers. People allow their children to run around unsupervised! Theres suppose to be a 0 noise Tolerance. Once again --------! People have their music BLASTING from their cars, will sit in their cars in the parking lot with music BLASTING! Smoke weed out in the open. There have been 3 fights within a 3 mth period. Fights to were as police have been called. The staff in the office are VERY rude!! They NEVER answer the phones if u call during the day when they are in the office. When u go into the office they will literally Ingore u, when they do finally acknowledge you, the act as though they have a attitude. ESPECIALLY ------! My apartment overall is decent. It's odd that I pay full price for a apartment that has everything that my neighbor across the street pays $200 for! I had heard before I moved in that it was "The Hood." my reply was that I stay in my home & go to work. I was sadly wrong. I would NEVER Allow My son to go to the playground! Even if I was with him. The kids ride their bikes in the middle of the road. Cars literally do 60mph down the only 1 main rd in the complex. Like it is their own personal race track. I'm overall just disgusted with this apartment. The only people that should live here are true Hoodrats who think PaRkWood Manor are Beverly Hills! & it's crazy because just next door to the complex are Beauitful Condos, across the street a nice Quiet subdivision. Pretty anything surrounding PaRkWood is Beauitful, Quiet, peaceful. Then u get to PaRkWood. Straight HOOD! I advise not to move here. I know my comment is long, but I'm disappointed in my decision to move here! I will definitely NoT be renewing my lease! Belleville is a Nice City. PaRkWood is Belle-Detroit!!!
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Parkwood Manor

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