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Parkwood Manor



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2013
Let break it down to you.I found out alot of ship once I moved out.I new stuff, but layed low.since Lockwood management took over.the medical marjuana increased.the Police don't care.they lazy too.they be losng my paper work t.so I was in the offtic alot.they were a few cool workers thwart would tell me stuff.ebony momma lives in building 25 apt fo8820. Across the street from the office.you no they be scamin the system. The bass is ridiculous. The walls are not sound proof at all.you can everything. Sex.music.pissing.walking sounds like there walking in your apt.be been woken up many nights.thinking the maintenance men be showing unaniunced again.I'm happy I moved.they keep having babies, but wont watch they kids.they let there dogs sip every where.ebony wont do nothing about the barking dogs,stray cats and weed.she be saying she don't smell or hear nothing.theses Poeple getting them bogus medical. Blunt cards.ain't nothing wrong with the.they be Salinger it too.she probably smoke it.why cover for them.I work two jobs and been woke up by them playing there bass low inside they car warming it up or just hanging. In the parking lot.they never answer there phone.qusan is crooked.shecall sweet in yourface,but talk about you not foliling complaint blaming someone else.the park is tore up.they already broke picnic tables and a metal benches.I think I no who some of these people are.when you sitin the office wating for them to do nothing.you can hear everybody's buisness.who's getting evicted.what here first and last name is.there address and phone number.they don't try to hide your info.phedphiles would love Parkwood.with all these kids running around alone.why they momma making more babies smoking blunts.withher 5th baby daddy.don't move here.stay away.maybe if the good tenants would stand up for there right to a quiet.no bass partying walking all hard ------ people.make it a .safe non force you to smell they drugs and not be telling your buiness.yes the office told y business to a tenant.then they could clean Parkwood up, but the good tenants move.why should we move.we should make themmove.I'm glad I'm out.
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Parkwood Manor

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