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Tuscan Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
I am not exactly satisfied. There is so many insects around here and I dont know why. The train or (mystery train) as I call it is so loud and is disruptive to a good night sleep especially because it has to lay on its horn going through the town. The train, I discovered runs right behind the apartment (no longer a mystery). Also, the kids seem to rule this place and are constantly unsupervised. Where are the parents here? The kids are ofted seen ripping branches of of the very few trees, walking or riding their bikes in the middle of the parking lot where cars are coming and going, and always lurking within 2 feet of any of my windows. I like kids, but I like them better when their parents take responsibility for them. I cant even count how many times I have been bothered by banging on my door to sell me things. Cant someone be left alone once in a while in their own apartment? Would people be acting this way if they owned their own home?<br><br>I am conviced that the square footage of the closets and bathroom was added into the square footage of the apartment, which is not legal in advertising the size because the square footage is only supposed to include "living space". I lived in an apartment only 98 square feet larger then this and it included another large bedroom, another full walk in closet and another full bath, not to mention a larger kitchen. I feel like I am living in a closet and i am convinced this is not the square footage advertised. <br><br>Also threatening to take your tennants to court when they pay their rent is insane. Do not post a calender with additional fees on certain late days if it is not an option to do so. I dont think anyone would pay their rent late unless it was necessary. So when someone has to pay late and then even includes all extra charges that they are supposed to according to these calenders as well as the lease, why would one then be givin a subpeona a tennant to go to court, especially two months after the fact when all rent has been long paid and checks have beed cashed well over a month? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I will stay, however thing about buying out my lease on a daily basis to get out of here. It doesnt seem that safe especially with no secure entrances.
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Tuscan Manor

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