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Office Staff
Tootiemcgee • Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 05/27/2008
First of all... I would like to say that I love living at the Rapids!! :) But, I moved here in fall 2007 and have observed many circumstances that are NON PROFESSIONAL with the property manager. I go to the office at least once a week for some reason or another...and have noticed that Linda (the property manager) is never at the office before noon. I'm pretty sure she is getting paid for this... am I right? I wish I had a job as easy as she has it. She makes Carrie do everything, and takes credit for it. I have been there and watched it happen! If it wasn't for Carrie, then nothing would be done at The Rapids. Carrie is the only reason some of my friends re-signed at the Rapids for this next year(THEY SIGNED AGAIN KNOWING THEY DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH LINDA BECUASE SHE NEVER COMES TO WORK ANYWAY). But, I know more people that moved to other apartments for next year... ALL BECAUSE of LINDA'S attitude toward THEM this year...(NOT RESPECTFUL OR PROFESSIONAL)!!!!!!! Everyone I have talked with likes Carrie and she is always the one to go to with issues or questions, but in such a sweet, respectful, professional manner... Which is totally OPPOSITE about LAZY LINDA! I think everyone stays away from Linda because of her negative attitude towards people. I think the Rapids would see SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE IMPROVEMENT if LAZY LINDA was not any part of the property management. Carrie does everything anyway, it is just Linda that makes people so mad they move out. If LAZY LINDA was gone, then no one would have to put up with her CHILDISH GAMES that she plays with people, just to yell at them and make them move... for really no reason at all. I just felt that this needed to be brought to attention especially coming from someone that still lives here and enjoys it. I have had no issues with any other part of the staff. The maintenence men are really nice and helpful. I had a list of things to fix when I first moved in and they were all fixed the same day. I always see them around working and they are very friendly to everyone. Overall, I enjoy The Rapids, but if I ever have to deal with the crap from Linda that many of my other friends have went through, I'm moving out too!!!! I am not trying to point fingers at Linda for things that I have seen, but I feel that a lot of problems could be advoided if we had more of an enjoyable personality, like Carrie's, as Property manager... But now I just hope that Linda won't read this, and start actually working, that way I will not have to deal with her when I go to the office... But if you want to avoid LINDA, it won't be too hard because she is never there anyway. :)
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