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Rapids Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/24/2009
I have been itching to tell people exactly what I think of these apartments and this poor example of what they call "mangement". I was reading through the rest of the reviews before I wrote mine, and all I can say is everything, everyone says... is ABSOLUTLY true. I hate living in this place. I would say the dorm was better. They are falling apart. NO maintence is done timely or sometimes at all. Lets take into consideration of the stove they provided us with. We have one burner that works. How many times have we notified the office? FIVE. Five times we have let them know. Yes, they did come to "fix" it, all to walk out and say, "push the burner in when you need to use it". I hate to break it to the idiot they hired, but THAT DOESNT WORK. .. Lets move on to the moronic fines they give you. Our neighbors smoke more then the marlbro man, and love to throw the butts on the ground... Who gets fined for it? US! NO ONE IN MY APARTMENT SMOKES. The office was confronted, they then lied and said they would remove the fines. That never happened. They have 300 million dogs, which is fine, until they start shitting all over the sidewalks and outside your apartment door. They never plow the parking lot. I watched 6 or 7 students dig their cars out and push it to the road because they refused to plow. Plus your just going to love going to tubs n tumbles to wash your laundry :/... or you can go in raper basement... what they like to consider the laundry room. I could go on and on. PLEASE believe everything negative thing you read about this place! It is all true. Every word. Save your money and go elsewhere!
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Rapids Apartments

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