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Huntley Square



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
Kelly is the manager here but you would never know it since she's never available. Nothing ever gets fixed. They just cover it up with paint and veins. The maintanence is always a week behind or out of stock. The leasing agents always seem to have to check with kelly and she never seems to be able to respond in a timely manner. the hallways are very dark (to cover up maintanence issues) and the basements always have birds or mice in them. The trash is dragged out windows and door ways so it makes a awful smell and mess. This place is horrible. The staff sucks and the maintenance is mentally handicapped. If you are handicapped i apology I don't mean to insult you if you do ever meet them. The kids run around the property throwing rocks and ringing bells are running. They are horrible children for suck a nice looking property (from a distance). The noise is horrible if children aren't screaming then my neighbors getting beat up by her boyfriend. Everything seems nice and calm till at night time, WATCH OUT! DO NOT LIVE HERE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and if you have a nice car- don't park it here just drive to detroit and hand them your keys it would save you much more hassel. I switched cars for the last 6 months of my lease so that i wouldn't have to keep paying for a new window. My back window was tinted so they kept breaking in to see inside. My last message to Kelly is- lose the weight baby you look horrible and no that outfit does NOT look good. ps: your hair is terrible looking and so if your leasing girl.
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Huntley Square

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