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Bloomfield Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/22/2016
I was a resident for a year. When you begin your time with the apartment, you are welcomed. Until you really start living here does the deceit and the trickery unravel. I lived on the bottom floor. These apartments are carpeted, and the carpets in the apartment are not clean. I had a friend stay over my apartment for a couple of nights. She could only stay in the apartment for one night, and no longer. She got bumps on her skin and couldn't stop coughing. Vacuuming couldn't resolve the problem. She had to leave the apartment. I didn't realize how dirty the carpet really was until I spent the whole year struggling to sleep there. During my time there, I had to leave during the summer for a month or so. When I came back, I couldn't breathe from the carpet. This has affected my sleep tremendously. When I came back at the end of summer, mildew welcomed me. This wasn't my fault at all and yet the apartment blamed me for this. When I was gone, water from the AC from the upper floors flooded into my apartment complex. The water created a nasty odor of mildew. Imagine something rotting. There were dead flies in the fridge. Two of my shoes were destroyed. It looked like mildew or some kind of mold had grown in my shoes. During the time I was away, maintenance had come into my apartment. I was told "Maintenance had not noticed that my apartment was partially submerged in the water from the ACs upstairs." The apartment chose to blame me, and claimed it was my fault for not noticing this sooner. How could I have noticed this when I was away from the apartment? The people working at the front desk refused to look at my apartment when this happened, and just lazily called maintenance. Guess what maintenance said when they came: "I can't smell the odor. My nose is bad. I must have a cold." The stench was unbearable. The apartment had claimed I wouldn't get fined, but I still got fined. Money was taken out of my security deposit. They didn't take the initiative to make sure the carpet was fully cleaned. I was told on that Friday a cleaner would come at a certain time, and the cleaner didn't come until a whole weekend had passed. I went into the office asking why the cleaner hadn't come. The office tried to call, on a Sunday. That's obvious he wouldn't work on a Sunday. Your physical well-being is not a priority at this apartment complex. Finally on Monday the carpet cleaner came, but he didn't want to vacuum the entire apartment. Only areas where he had seen the mildew. He also said: "Yeah, that's happened to several of the downstairs units." This confirms that this continues to happen during the summers at Bloomfield Place Apartments. He said it himself! This apartment complex clearly cuts corners and is interested in making a profit no matter what. The carpet cleaner would not even steam vacuum the entire carpet. Maintenance is unreliable. They could not fix the leaking faucet from my bathtub initially. I had to ask maintenance three times until someone could fix it, instead of temporarily adjust it.
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Bloomfield Place Apartments

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