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SayNo2BloomfieldPlace • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/17/2013
I have lived here for two years. The only reason I extended my lease was due to an unfortunate circumstance of the timing of having to study for a graduate school exam. The first apartment I lived in at this complex was on the second floor. There was an obnoxious person who lived above us; she had wooden flooring upstairs and would stomp around in heels every day. It was as if she walked around deliberately with a ball and chain tied to her ankle. She stomped around so hard that objects would fall off our floating shelves onto the floor. Three months later, with recordings in tow, numerous letters and phone calls to both the leasing office AND management (in addition to a letter written to the person upstairs who then proceeded to crumple it up and throw it at our front door), there was no solution. My sister and I were at this time both studying for graduate school examinations and were very frustrated when this peg leg would wake us up in the middle of the night with her stomping. It interfered with our sleep the entire night. Imagine my utter surprise when the leasing manager Karen Wischmeyer then called me and left a message on my voice mail, accusing me of THROWING A ROCK AT THIS PERSON'S WINDOW! What utter insanity! First of all, I would NEVER do such a thing. Secondly, the outlandish nature of her accusation was so extreme that I had to laugh and check myself to see if I had heard correctly! When confronted with the uncouthness and general inanity of her behavior, she later apologized (I asked the uneducated broad what evidence she had that I had done it, and she said she didn't need any, it was "obvious" to her. She then proceeded to tell me that the girl upstairs is from out of state, lives alone and followed with some sob story. I honestly did not care. We then received a notice of eviction at which point I became angry and threatened them with legal repercussions. Don't get me wrong, I wanted out of this podunk place (I shall elaborate on the rest of the apartment issues later), yet I could not waste my study time moving when I had this huge exam I had to get done. They were trying to evict us the day before my examination. I called the management and explained the situation to a Victoria...explained how rude Karen is, and that I would consider getting legal aid. Lo and behold, they shat their pants and offered us to move to another unit (top floor) for a tiny increase in our rent ($25 more dollars) to a unit that was originally $750 !!!!!!!!!! I wonder why!!! The apartments are mediocre. Your personal apartment FRONT DOOR key will be able to open other apartments in the SAME COMPLEX!!!!!!!!!!! HOW IS THAT FOR SAFETY!!! The reason I found this out was because my brother was visiting me from out of state and he used my keys to let himself in. He got confused as to what building I live in and went in the first one, and opened a totally different apartment that was in the same spatial arrangement as where mine would be in the next building over. Apparently, this is legal according to them. Windows are all dirty (from the outside there is a cloudy film on the windows and I have never witnessed them being washed). So no matter how much you wash from the inside, you can't see through the film. The carpets are old and changed every decade. Our patio door was stuck shut for the entire lease period of a year in the first apartment, despite having been reported to maintenance. Kitchen drawers are flimsy. The bathroom is by far the worst of any apartment I have ever lived in. The water pressure in BOTH units is so low, so if you have a bowel movement, be prepared to spend the time after you flush PLUNGING about 60% of the time you poop. The sinks in both units always backed up and took a good minute to drain after you run the water. They also emit a high pitch whistle when you do not turn the water on to full pressure. And you don't want to turn the water on to full pressure because that only fills the sinks up faster and then takes more time to drain. Are you with me on this circuitous journey?!You can even hear the people who live above or below you when the whistling comes from their taps. They have a "fitness center" in which there is never any drinking water in their water keg. The weight machine literally touches the front window facade, so how they expect anyone to utilize it is beyond my comprehension. With the exception of one guy (Brian) their maintenance leaves much to be desired. They will wait for ages before showing up. Most recently, the main entrance front door would not open with a key as the bearings had been jammed. It took them two days to fix the solution. When I called the office, they told me this was not an emergency because you can still use the back door to enter. Excuse me? The back area was full of snow and there is no pathway to it! I suppose walking in knee deep snow to enter the building is acceptable to them. Their pool is never clean in the summer, always has debris in it. There's a pothole in the parking lot that has existed for the past three months. They do not have recycling. Air conditioning makes too much noise in the summer and the heat in the winter is either way too hot or nonexistent, their thermostats are about 40 years old. It would be one thing if all these issues exist, no apartment complex is perfect, but this place has the crappiest of cherries on top of the cake with a leasing team headed by the most uncouth manager I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. Karen Wischmeyer is accusatory, rude, and unable to maintain a pleasant rapport with her lack of interpersonal skills. I assume the management keeps her there because she is related to the owner, or for whatever meager reason I really don't know because she will leave such a sour taste in your mouth once you start complaining about anything. Up until then, she's cool as a cucumber. Rude people make your day miserable and she will most definitely do that for you. PLEASE do yourself a favor and bypass this place. Yes, its location is perfect, and if you can deal with not having any communication with leasing office then this could be the place for you. But if you have any problems or complaints, you WILL be miserable. Imagine dreading having to empty your bowels because you are afraid you will need to spend the afternoon plunging! These people have only gotten lucky, there is a lady who lives in the basement unit of my building that says rainwater leaks down to her ceiling and they have done nothing. These people bank on the fact that residents are busy and have no time for legal help. When that one person who does come around, they will be forced to change their ways or become defunct. I wish I had read reviews before coming here. I cannot WAIT to get the hell away from this place, we got a letter today saying they were not going to offer us an extension. I laughed my head off because I have literally been counting down the days when I no longer have to call Bloomfield Place apartments my home!
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