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Canton Gardens Apartments



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jackson45 • Resident 1998 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 05/11/2010
If you read the bitching on every review in every state it's always the same thing. "I can hear everything from my neighbors, the staff or manager is rude, they went into my apartment without me knowing it," and so on. Lets face the facts here. They are apartments. You do not own them. If you wanted a home, you would have bought a house, right? The ideal that a manager or its staff is out to get you or any other resident is just childish. They do not make any money by running people off, and if you truly read most of the reviews on here they are the same for old and new apartments. I am happy with my apartment, the rent is the best I could find for the area, they are always updating, the staff live on the property, I enjoy all the events they put on. They may not always be able to notify me beforehand as to when they are coming into my apartment, but they do leave a "We have been here" card when they leave. During my years here, it has only been an emergency for them to come into my home without letting me know. There was a water leak in my building, and they needed to make sure all my water was shut off. After reading the reviews for Canton Gardens, it seems the only people complaining about going into their house are the ones that had something to hide or were breaking the rules, like having a dog. The truth about Apartment Ratings is that anyone at any time from anywhere can write whatever they want. There is no proof that they live on the property or have lived on the property and the stuff they are bitching about, there is no way to prove it actually happened. We all have choices when we are deciding on an apartment to rent. The truth of the matter is that the rent payment each month is nothing more than a rental payment. It is up to the person if they want to spend $675 or $1,400 on an apartment. But in the end, wherever you rent, you are just paying for using the space. It is time that this gets out there and the truth be told. Any person that is halfway intellegent can read these reviews and understand completely what I am saying. The one thing I really like about Canton Gardens is that it is privatly owned and managed. No one can say at the end of your lease, "the rents here sky rocket," or you get nothing for renewing. I have never been treated like the only time I was important or mattered was at renewal time. Anytime I have had a problem, I have been able to go in and talk with the staff, and my concerns or problems were addressed and given the time they required. The accusation has been made that the staff and managers are offering to pay residents to leave comments on here. After reading that, I decided to test that to see if there was any validity to it. I went up and met with the manager and asked him if there was any incentives for leaving a good comment on Apartment Ratings. He explained to me that he had heard about these accusations and also being accused of writing them himself. He then took me to Apartment Ratings webpage and showed me how the website records the IP address from the actual computer. There would be no way for Canton Gardens to continuiously post comments because the web site would block the IP address. And the rumor of money or rent credits for a good review was not true. So I guess the bottom line here in my overall opinion is this. Renting is Renting. Canton Gardens, for me, has been a great experience, cost effective for my needs, and I don't go to sleep at night wondering if I am going to wake up to my car being vandalized or stolen. I love the surrounding neighborhoods. The location is convienient for all expressways and the airport. The community activites are not lame and unthought out. And the community is constantly growing and updating (example, I just got new windows). I wish you the best of luck on your search and I hope I was a little helpful.
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Canton Gardens Apartments

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