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Canton Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 07/10/2010
The swimming pool got trashed a few days ago. Someone even took a dump on the bathroom floor. In the last 18 months, management has been leasing to some very low class people. As a result we have a swimming pool that is mostly unusable, cars speeding through the complex, loud noise at night and cars being allowed to sit on jack stands. (also, an unusual number of evictions lately) The lease contract clearly states that there be no car repairs allowed on the property, yet management looks the other way when residents are doing major car repairs right in the parking lot. On a positive note, the lower windows have been replaced.(after 4 years of promises) It may take 4 more years before the upper level windows are replaced. The A/C units are in the closet. They are very old and very loud. Every summer we have many residents who have their A/C units flood their apartments. The A/C drain gets clogged because of the excess rust and the water runs right into your closet, and then seeps through the floor and drips down to your lower level. (your living room) This happened to our unit last summer and again this summer.
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Canton Gardens Apartments

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