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Canton Gardens Apartments



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Sass1982 • Resident 2008 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 07/20/2012
We lived here for a couple of years and the place is a good value. I invite anyone to show me a two-bed, dual level, 1.5 bath townhouse in this area that is anywhere NEAR this price point. You will not find one. They have a laundry-unit option with most layouts and even if you dont have one, theres a laundromat right next-door as well as a party store and a family dollar for your various needs which is very convenient. Point blank, when you get a cheap apartment you really cannot expect perfection. There were times where the maintenance was frustratingly slow, and we sometimes just fixed things ourselves (within reason). The individuals who run the complex are a bit quirky and depending on how you deal with their unusual approach, you may or may not have a favorable experience. The best way to have a good stay here is to keep to yourself, dont engage in gossip, dont throw a big stink about minute issues that come about and treat those you do come in contact with as a professional. They will treat you with the same level of respect. It took us a little bit to get that figured out, having come from a much more expensive community on the other side of town we were treated with super fast service, super friendly smiling faces and complete perfection all-around. We also paid top-dollar for such a service. Once we realized that this is NOT the same place we used to live, took a hit to our income and therefore had to downgrade a bit, and accepted that canton gardens is cheap, tidy and decent, everything ran smoothly from there on out. Most of the time we were happy with the apartment and the overall lifestyle. Sure, we had some issues but in the end, you are going to have problems in any apartment community - they simply vary from one to another. We never had bug issues, we never had our cars broken in to or anything stolen. We didnt have leaky ceilings or flooded toilets, bathtubs or sinks. These are things others had experienced ELSEWHERE in similar-cost places around the area, so you have to consider the entire spectrum of possibilities you may run in to with older units (which these are). There were some noisy neighbors but that could be managed with some gentle coaxing and patience. Occasionally we saw squad cars stroll through but depending on how you look at it - that isnt necessarily a bad point. If you stay out of trouble, keep to yourself and enjoy what you have, you will have a nice stay like we did. I would recommend the place to others with the stipulation that you are not living in a luxurious high-class community. It's pretty mid-level (a quick drive-thru and glance at the vehicles parked in the lots will give you a pretty accurate gauge, as with any other place) Pay your rent on-time and dont be a pest. Most of the negative reviews on here I've noticed are written either in very poor language (which may say something about that person's competence) as well as those who mentioned they were evicted - come on, people. Youre not going to be treated like gold REGARDLESS of where you stay if you cannot keep your life and finances together, trash your unit or otherwise act with wreckless abandon. We were able to keep a cat in the unit and the location itself is nice, not far from downtown plymouth OR canton. They also have fun things on Fridays and Saturdays at the pool and clubhouse - a customer-appreciation type event with food and drinks, movies and activies. Overall, a nice place to live and no regrets with our stay at Canton Gardens (just over 2 years)
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Canton Gardens Apartments

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