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Canton Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
I have lived here for several years and just recently heard about this site. I went on here just to see what was being said about my complex. To read what some of these people write is just absurd. This place has had a major turn around since Bev left. She was an unruley beast. Never had any people skills. Don has come in and is not only someone who can be talked to, but is changing things to a community that is, lets face it, older. He is trying to get washers and dryers in the two bedrooms. I have not gotten mine yet, but they started putting in the stuff for it. Yeah, it took at bit, but not Don's fault, it was the city. And yes, I did call and check this cause I was really wanting my W/D. But he made sure i was taken care of ASAP. They are even redoing the clubhouse now. From what Don described, it will defenitly be a place for me to hold my next party. LOVE THE FIREPLACE!!!!! You know, I have lived in many communites before coming here and this one is downright, hands down, the best. There are NEVER any issues in the community, unlike some neighboring ones. Don is out here all the time. Hell, when I am outside smoking at night, I see him or Michael, one of the repair guys, driving around or walking around. It is the little things that make me really feel safe around here. The shutters outside on Joy Rd look really good and I can't wait to get mine (other side of Joy Rd). I take great pride in where I live, and its good to see a community that mirrors that same pride. I have a problem, it gets fixed. Never have to sit and worry that something is not going to get done. So for all those people reading on here for the first time who are thinking about this place, please don't pay attention to the naysayers. Bitter people who want the world handed to them without reason, and expect it now. Take it from someone who has been here, and I usually don't give praise easily, but here it is justified.
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Canton Gardens Apartments

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