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Canton Gardens Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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First - I d like to thank everyone for their HONEST reviews because this is the 1st site that I check when I m looking for an apt. I posted this review because if something like this happened to anyone else I d like to be aware of what I may be getting myself into when choosing an apt. The following is my opinion: I DO NOT recommend this complex to anyone (2 thumbs down). Don t get me wrong, the apt itself is a decent place but overall with maintenance & management it s not even worth it. Due to management there, you won t even feel comfortable in your own apt cause they feel that they are able to come in your apt anytime they feel like it (which is WEIRD ). The manager of the complex felt he come in my apt whenever he felt like it & he also had the audacity to tell me who can & cannot come visit me (amazing that he thought all of this would be ok & LEGAL). The manager sent maintenance to my apt with my 13 year old daughter without contacting me (& no it was not an emergency). The manager there feels that he can take away all your rights as a tenant. I understand that he manages the complex but he acts as though its one big house that everyone lives in together. The manager is obviously unprofessional & don t know the 1st thing about running an apt complex...there are laws that needs to be followed & any manager should know that. It s nice that there have been some positive experiences. Some people need to lighten up though, this site is for you to rate the experience YOU personally had in a particular apt complex .it s childish for anyone to think that everyone has had the same experiences. The only reason some apt complex managers take advantage is because there s people out there that thinks they have no rights. (That s too bad & so sad). If I m paying to rent a space for a certain amount of time than I d at least want & should have some type of comfort....it's idiotic to feel that you re paying rent just to sleep somewhere. If you feel that you don t have any rights then you should just stay at home with your parents until you mature.
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Canton Gardens Apartments

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